Pacesetter (Pride Rock)

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Date(s) - 01/17/2018
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:
Mickey and Brita

Sylvania Pacesetter Park



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  1. Brita
    Brita says:

    PAX: 12

    Mickey, Belding, Colonel, Sipe, Moana, Dollywood, H2, Bambi, Shakira, Nails, Tupac

    Q: Brita

    The Thang: RAK (real ass kicker I)
    12 Pax braved the 15 degree 12 mph wind, producing a windchill of 2 degrees. The 5 core principles were effectively stated and the Pax moseyed over to the shovel flag some 100 yards. Here the PAX learned they would be completing the B.R.I.T.A. Night Myers of reps would increase per exercise, there was also a 0.2 lap to be completed after each exercise. B = Burpees. 10 burpees completed, then run a lap. R = Russian Twist. 20 RT completed then run a lap. I = Incline Merkin. 30 inclined merkins then run a lap. T = Toe Touches. 40 Toe Touches completed then runa lap. A = Arnold Presses. 50 Arnold Presses completed then run a lap. PAX out in front looped back around to pick up the 6. Completed first round on your own but finished strong as one.
    2nd round was to be completed by the PAX as one unified group, no one left behind; stronger PAX encouraged and Motivated…we worked and fed off each other’s strength. Same beat down,The B.R.I.T.A, was completed but YHC led the PAX in cadence. The warriors of F3 could be heard in resounding fashion echoing the cadence in perfect harmony. The precision and accuracy of the PAX rang through the dry crisp air breaking down fear, defeat, and there was no quit in the PAX. Last leg of the run the PAX sprinted to their goal and successfully conquered the RAK I. With 4 minutes remaining, the Q asked the PAX to reach for strength and one last push. Together 100 Merkins were completed; 5 sets of 20 with 10 sec pause between reps.

    Sipe, Belding, Moana, Tupac, Shakira, and Bambi on the double Wednesday Postx—Respect

    Moana, Tupac, Shakira, and Bambi trekking from the Southern part of the regions—Respect Again!

    COT: Prayers for any PAX who may be presented with an abrupt career change. For those tying to adapt and gain traction in The ever changing machine of F3, Mater/Tiny Dancer, that their fathers have a strong recovery and that their strength can be fortified by prayer and faith, for our Troops.

    Brita asked for special prayers for all Steeler fans, that they may gain strength through this long offseason, because they’re going to need it…as the outcome will likely be the same next year.

    12 men were determined to be the best versions of themselves Wednesday night, that goal was smashed…respect yet again!



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