Pacesetter (Pride Rock)

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Date(s) - 03/21/2018
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:
Mickey and Brita

Sylvania Pacesetter Park



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  1. Btita
    Btita says:


    PAX: 9 — Nails, Dollywood, Hammer, H2, Bagels, Trinity, SSSSSSIIIIIIIIPPPPPPEEEEE, Brita, and out of town guest Stalker

    Q: Brita

    “Time wait’s for no man” – Klinger…we started at 19:30 sharp with the 5 core principles and the disclaimer pertaining to the rights of the PAX. Immediately followed by:
    SSH. — 20
    Imperial Walkers — 20
    The Merkin — 10
    Flutter Kicks — 25 All in Cadence (once again I failed to say recover the entire time, shit)

    Straight into a 3.25 mi run with PT at the every quarter mile. There were no rivers or ponds to cross, the sunset shined upon us, the wind seemed to always be at our face, and we ran! Bagels, Dollywood, and Stalker just finished a 4 miler and were less than thrilled but they mustered through – Respect. 3 PT exercises were done in rotating fashion every .25 mile, should of been 4 but I forgot one, so it was 3! The Q is always right, damn it!
    First .25 PT = crossover LBC (opposite elbow to opposite knee)
    Second .25 PT = 20 Merkins OYO ( on your own)
    Third .25 PT = 20 crossover Mt. Climbers (OYO , 2 is 1)
    – After every .25 mile the Gazzels ran back to catch the 6 per Mr. Belding (one of his only good ideas)
    **Repeato the 3 PT rotation and running back for the 6 until 3.25 miles were overtaken by ththe PAX.

    With 6 minutes to spare Brita led the PAX in 3 rounds of the Brita Yoga Sun Salutations (frontward bend, upward dog, runners stretch, merkin, triangle pose, downward dog, calf stretch, jump feet to the hands, Namaste – Hands to prayer ) repeato 3 times.

    Hammer, the PAX have missed your strength, and honeymoon has had to carry the “HATE” load on his shoulders alone while you were away. The time is now for you to stick and stay!

    Special thanks to Stalker for joining us tonight, it was F3Toledo’s pleasure to host you in the evening gloom!

    C-O-R ==>. N.O.R ==> Know the 6 (Trinity) ==> C.O.T




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