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Date(s) - 06/06/2018
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:
Mickey and Brita

Sylvania Pacesetter Park



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  1. Colonel
    Colonel says:

    Q: Colonel
    PAX: (15) Belding, Drago, Tupac, Bagels, Oz, Brta, Mickey, H2, Pete Lavalett (FNG – Kato), Gadget, Sipe, Pixar, Splinter, Goose, Colonel
    Gear: YHC was wearing a softball jersey with blue flames and pistons on the shoulders. It was ridiculous and YHC was shocked no comments were made until after the beatdown by The Mickey.
    The Thang:
    Circled pax up and did a very quick principles, detailed disclaimer to our FNG and got us going. It was so quick that Splinter didn’t recall said disclaimer was even announced…
    YHC called this one “Time if of the essence” Plan was to have pain stations set up and with your partner do each station AYG until Q yelled to move to the next station with promise for some “rest” thrown in the mix….
    Station 1: Renegade Rows with Merkin – choose either 25 or 20 lbs
    Station 2: Burpee
    Station 3: Zercher Squat with 60 lb Sandbag
    Station 4: Rd. 1 – Windshield Wipers with 40 lb SB / Rd. 2 and 3 – Merkin with SB on back
    Station 5: Battle Ropes with Fire Hoses
    Station 6: Medicine Ball Slams on pavement – choose either 25 or 15 lbs
    Station 7: Rd. 1 – Jumprope / Rd. 2 – Big Boy Situps

    Round 1 was for 1:05 with goal of a less than 10 second switch to start the next station. switch was probably more like 20 seconds so there was obviously plenty of time to rest up. We went through Rd 1 and all pax crushed each exercise even though battle ropes via fire hoses (are compliments of our Sylvania Fire Pax Members – introduced by Elena at Mem Day beatdown) – may be one of the least favorite killer exercises introduced. Round 1 done and YHC had us line up on soccer field. H2, in his infinite 29 year old HATE wisdom through out why don’t we do some merkins with this run so audible – instead of just a suicide we will throw in merkins. Pax sprinted to end of field, did 10 merkins, sprinted back to start, 10 merkins, sprinted to midfield, 10 merkins and then back plank for 6.
    Round 2 began and granted the pax a little less time so we could hopefully switch quicker and continue with textbook form. Each station this time was for 50 seconds.
    completion of rd2 – had pax sprint to end of soccer field =, 10 merkins, followed by bear crawl to midfield and then mosey to start. Then sprint soccer field again, 10 merkins and then jog back to stations.
    Rd 3 – yep there was a round 3 (60 mins, 45 mins, whatever these HIM put in work!)
    Rd 3 was a stupid easy 30 seconds at each station.
    Circled pax up for COR and NOR, name FNG, etc.
    Sipe was our 6 and he shared that Klinger EH’d him with a pointed, special email. Spoke of the fact he has always had guns out (even when the suns not out) and that F3 has brought not only friendship and joy to his life, along with 1st F but that he loves the 3rd F component more than he thought he would. Spoke highly of HIM – Brute (who was not there, does not do groupme and will never read this b/c he is IT averse) did a nice job of respectfully inviting him to Friday Bible Study and know its a fixture in his week! As a HIM himself and with as much as he posts 1st F wise – Sipe gets the Dynamite of 3rd F!
    Named our FNG – Apologies to our FNG brought in by Gadget – Peter Lavalette. We struggled with the nickname for a bit but right after he was giving Cochran (as in Johnnie) YHC switched it to Kato – OJ’s buddy from back in the day. Welcome Kato.
    BOM – Prayers for Cooters family, Riley, Britas Mother in Law, and many others YHC reluctantly doesn’t have for the BB. What YHC did say and believes strongly – some have said COT/BOM can get depressing after the high of a great workout. The prayer to close wanted to focus on the fact that YHC looks at BOM as an opportunity for us to express whats on our hearts and minds and give those up to our SkyQ as a group – to pray for clarity, patience and for our loved ones – in and out of F3. BOM is a privilege and honor that brings to light thankfulness and reality – positive and negative that we all struggle with…. That is not depressing. What would be depressing is for this group of men to not have this in our life and not have each other to experience 1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F. BOM also reconfirms who is in control and we all know or will learn – it is not us….

    Thank you to the 14 other pax that posted. Awesome to see Drago crushing his Dad Oz at every single station. Strong work by all with much respect to FNG Kato. Kato kept pushing through each and every exercise and this was not an easy one to be at for an FNG. Always an honor to lead a workout – especially with Splinter (#1 post) and Sipe (#2 post) present and the enthusiasm of the Mickey and charm/wit of Pixar. Respect to Brita for making it there after golf, coming in hot as the Site Q (hard pass if you think he’s giving that up) and only missing 1 station – strong. Thank you!


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