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Date(s) - 10/14/2017
6:15 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Lamplight Cafe & Bakery


boot camp, Perrysburg

CONVERGENCE DAY!! Perrysburg will be the site for the F3 Toledo Convergence this Month. 6:15 to 7:30. 75 mins Boot-camp. Park behind Lamplight Cafe and Bakery (121 W Indiana Ave, Perrysburg, OH 43551) Walk catty-corner to the gazebo in the field of the Perrysburg School Board Offices. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Cobra/Tots/Virus/Stark) will welcome you South of the Wall. The beat-down will be EPIC, there may be a chance to get wet, and we will be traveling to multiple nearby AOs. Be ready to move, be ready to work, be ready to check your comforts at the door!





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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    Convergences Day! Perrysburg was given the honor to host F3 Toledo for the first time. Beautiful weather, great support from all AO’s, and thoughtful planning made this a convergence to remember.
    QIC’s – Stark, Cobra, Virus, Tots Special Assistance from Shrinkage (DL) and Sparkles.

    PAX – The Col., Mickey, Mayor, Mator, Rupture, Cooter, Splinter, Casper, Kitty, Pixar, Mr.Belding, Mercy, Trapeze, Hustle, Sipe, Jimmy Dean, Bluto, Mailman, Trinity, Honeymoon, Boulder, Sparkles, Shrinkage, Cogsworth, Dauber, Stamper, Sideshow, Crab Legs, Ozzie, Worm, Gap, Brita, Glitch, Meatloaf, Venom, Revere, Red Ryder, Bambi, Schizo, Bourbon, Mudvayne, Buttermaker, Spotlight, Monopoly, Valdez, Tubes, Mary Lou, Ozzie, Rocko, FNG’s – Justin “Zod” Marrone, Darren “J-Wow” Stuart, Adam “Jingle Bells” Krause, Berry “Moana” Taylor
    (57.5 total PAX) (4.5 FNG’s…we lost one on a bear crawl at Hood Park half Way Through…we have confirmation he is safe and promises he will be back)

    Before workout even begins 2 memory boards were present. PAX were instructed to remember the unique code of one word and 7 digit number (example Sierra 945-8871) that corresponded with their birthday. They were not aware of how or when this mental test would be used.
    Stark. Full Group Work. (10 Mins)
    -Open with 8 point Body Builder burpees – 15 Count
    -Around the Clock Round 1 – Leg Lifts on Odds and Plank Jacks on evens. Up to 12 o clock. 42 total Reverse Plank Leg Raises, 36 Plank Jacks
    -Around the clock Round 2 – Pulse Ups (Hip Raises) on Odds and Kick Throughs on evens. Up to 12 o clock. 42 total Kick Throughs, 36 Pulse Ups (Hip Raises)

    Mosey down Louisiana (Scarecrow Alley). Split into 2 groups of about 26. At each scarecrow attached to light poles (20 Stations) stop and bust out a star jump. Gazelle penalty for first PAX to reach a scarecrow had to do 5 star jumps. Lead PAX were leap frogging each other as they were hit with the 5 Star Jumps.

    DOUBLE AO GIANT CIRCUIT between Hood Park and Riverside Park (The Wall). Split PAX in two groups between AOs, then divided them at each station. All started at their respective stations and completed circuit OYO.
    Hood Park – QICs Cobra and Tots
    Station 1:
    30 3-count jumping jacks
    30 merkins
    10 burpees

    Bear crawl up stairs

    Station 2:
    30 squats
    30 Mountain Climbers
    10 8-count body builders

    Run down hill

    Station 3:
    Bear crawl back up
    Run down hill
    Run back up
    50 push-ups
    Run down hill

    20 burpees, 30 squats
    Station 4 – On Docks, 100 partner Merkins with a twist. One PAX must always be in water hanging off the dock edge to provide the partner hand clap. Switch as needed until a total of 100 Merkins are busted out.

    Mosey down Water Road to Riverside Park
    QICs – Virus and Stark
    Station 1
    30 Wide Merkins, 30 Flutter Kicks, 10 Jump Squats
    Station 2
    30 Dips, 30 LBCs, 10 Box Jumps
    Station 3
    Partner Wheelbarrow up Stairs, switch at second platform
    Station 4
    Bear Crawl half way up Long ramp, Run rest of the way to Station 5
    Station 5
    30 Downward Dog Shoulder Presses, 30 Sit Ups, 10 Jumping Lunges (5 Per Le)
    Station 6
    30 Single Leg Calf Raises, 30 Curls, 10 Pulse Ups
    Station 7
    30 Australian Push Ups, 30 Side Lunges (15 per Leg), 10 V-Ups
    Hood Park PAX was led by Mickey in a few quick PT workouts while Kitty ran down to get Riverside group.
    All Mosey back to starting field. Circle up. Stark called on Col. and Mickey to recite their code. If they were correct they got to lead the PAX in a 20 count workout of their choice. If they failed we all had to do 20 burpees. They both correctly recited their code. Col still chose burpees, Mickey led some wild random counts of slow Merkins and up/downs.
    Count-o-rama, Name-o-rame, BOM – Many prayers for cancers, especially Venom as he awaits his test results. Prayers for our soldiers who give everything for us to be able to show up everyday and be free to do these workouts. Prayers for the babies on the way, Romano’s wife, Sparkles’s neighbor, our health to keep posting, and those unspoken in our hearts.
    On behalf of all the Perrysburg PAX and especially Cobra, Tots, Virus, and myself, it was an honor to host this convergence.


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