Workout at the Fortress (aka Woodland Park/Fort Imagination)

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Date(s) - 10/21/2017
7:00 am - 8:00 am

The Q:

Fort Imagination


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout. At Woodland Park. Two large Playgrounds, Frisbee Golf Course, 1 Mile Dirt Track, HUGE Field.  Plenty of space here to craft a diabolical smokefest for even the strongest PAX.

Entrance is off East Boundary. Kip Boulis Drive.

SATURDAYS always followed up with 2nd F (fellowship) at Lamplight Cafe and Bakery located at 121 W. Indiana ave. Great opportunity to get to know members of F3Toledo and refuel from the workout.

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  1. Jonathan "Bourbon" Burns
    Jonathan "Bourbon" Burns says:

    Date: 10/21/2017
    Time: 7:00 – 8:00 AM
    Location: Fort Imagination – Woodland Park
    Q: Bourbon
    PAX: 14 + 1 FNG; Stark, Tubes, Moana, ButterMaker, Baxter, Virus, MudVayne, Venom, LandSlide, SpotLight, Zod, Peepers, Rooster, Bourbon (Q)
    FNGs: Kyle Donahue “Kris Kross”
    F3 Mission: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith; To plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to reinvigorate male community leadership
    Principles of F3:
    • It must be free of charge
    • It must be open to all men
    • It must be help outdoor, rain or shine, hot or cold
    • It must be peer led in a rotating fashion by men who participate in the workout, with no training or certification necessary
    • It must end with a Circle of Trust (COT)
    • 10 single arm forward rotations (left then right)
    • 10 single arm backward rotations (left then right)
    • 10 kit kats (10/leg)
    • 15 deep squats
    • 20 butt kicks
    • 25 jumping jacks
    Beatdown: 21 minutes of birthday beatdown; 8 minutes of core; 21 minutes of birthday beatdown
    • Birthday Beatdown: PAX form a circle. Start with one PAX who gives his birth month and day. Each month corresponds to an assigned exercise; each day corresponds to a number of reps performed. Entire PAX suffers the same routine based on each birthday given and gives 100% until 25% of PAX completes the exercise reps. Once 25% complete, we move to the next member of the circle and repeat.
    o January – Stalking Awareness Month:
     100m buddy carry (switch at 50m); days 1-9 = 1 rep; days 10-19 = 2 reps; days 20-31 = 3 reps
    o February – American Heart Month:
     100m sprints; days 1-9 = 3 reps; days 10-19 = 5 reps; days 20-29 = 7 reps
    o March – National Athletic Training Month:
     Burpees; days = # reps
    o April – Diamond Merkins; days = # reps
    o May – National Guide Dog Month:
     100m buddy wheel barrow (switch at 50m); days 1-9 = 1 rep; days 10-19 = 2 reps; days 20-31 = 3 reps
    o June – Box Jumps; days = # reps
    o July – Hand-Release Merkins; days = # reps
    o August – Pull-Ups; days = # reps
    o September – 50m Bear Crawl and 50m Sprint; days 1-9 = 1 rep; days 10-19 = 2 reps; days 20-31 = 3 reps
    o October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month:
     Merkins; days = # reps
    o November – Mountain Climbers; days = # reps
    o December – Jump Squats; days = # reps
    • Actual Workout based on PAX birthdates:
    o 2 x 100m buddy carries
    o 3 x hand-release push-ups
    o 21 x pull-ups
    o 6 x box jumps
    o 20 x mountain climbers
    o 3 x 50m bear crawl and 50m sprint
    o 28 x burpees
    o 26 x merkins
    o 9 x diamond merkins
    o 6 x merkins
    o 16 x diamond merkins
    o 2 x merkins
    o 17 x mountain climbers
    o 23 x burpees
    o Break for core workout below
    o 2 x 100m buddy carries
    o 23 x burpees
    o 1 x 50m bear crawl and 50m sprint
    o 2 x merkins
    o 16 x diamond merkins
    o 1 x 100m buddy wheel barrow
    o 3 x 100m sprints
    o 26 x merkins
    o 25 x jump squats
    • Core workout:
    o 60 LBC (little baby crunches)
    o 50 russian twists
    o 40 scissor kicks
    o 30 rope climbs
    o 20 leg levers
    o 90 second plank
    Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama
    COT / Prayers and Intentions: led by Bourbon; Venom’s test results, new dads coming up, new husbands/marriages, any unspoken intentions
    F2 at Lamplight Café


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