Workout at the Wall (aka Riverside Park)

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Date(s) - 10/12/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Riverside Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout. On the River. Amazing way to watch the sun come up and start the day with sweat pouring over your rejuvenated soul. Some ramps, lots of steps, a little concrete, a little grass, all the fixens for beautifully scripted beatdown!

Have to park at Hood Park, Downtown Perrysburg, or one of the side streets (i.e. Cherry, Walnut, or Second Street).

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  1. Buttermaker
    Buttermaker says:

    QIC – Buttermaker
    PAX – Tots, Virus, Burbon, Peipers, Smithers, Tubes, Bambi, Softserve, Sparkles, Zigzag, Landslide, Crablegs, Leno, Stark
    FNG – Jared Parsigen, John Crosick, Dan Devine (Thanks for coming out!!)
    Total – 18


    Roll 5 Dice to decide your fate. Each side of the dice corresponds to a different body specific exercise.

    Odd numbers are mid to upper body specific. Even numbers are lower body specific.

    Non running specific numbers, are 20 reps, running specific depends how many number of that face of the die are showing.

    Work through the list of exercises by how many of that numbered die is showing. Example: two 1’s and three 4’s, you have 2 pullup related exercises and 3 runs up and down the ramp.

    Start your superset with the lowest faced die first.

    Repeat and continue through exercises tree.

    1) Pull- Australians, Reverse Grip Australians, Wide Australians, Close Grip Australians

    2) Run – Stairs

    3) Push- Americans, Burpees, Dips, Wide Grip Americans, Tricep Americans

    4) Run – Ramp

    5) Core – LBC, Fludder Kick, Russian Twist, Pulse Ups, Bicycle Crunches

    6) Legs- Squat, Lunges, Side Lunges, Box Jumps, Jump Squats

    Count-O-Rama/Name-O-Rama/Ball O’ Man

    Prayers- Hurricane Victims, Las Vegas Shooting Victims, Fathers to be, Sparkles neighbor, and those unspoken prayers.


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