Scrooge & Bluto Beatdown (Faith Hill) – 1/22/18

Date 1/22/18

Weather: 45 degrees and a muddy mess on Faith Hill

Warmup: Scrooge wanted to get a little Cadence practice after learning from Klinger on Saturday, sad to see him not at Faith Hill but I hope my cadence made him happy with 20 SSH in CADENCE.

The Thang:

Since Faith Hill was a sloppy mess and YHC didn’t want to get his old shoes dirty we decided to stick to the pavement and try and dodge all of the traffic coming through Faith Hill this morning. Clearly everyone in Sylvania wanted to see a bunch of HIM working out in the gloom this morning because we kept having to move our workout to make way for everyone driving through.


Since 7 didn’t seem like enough we did 9 Ascending Gentlemans against Northview High School and then ran down the parking lot hill to Silica to do 1 Burpee and then back up for 8 AG and then 2 Burpees and so on. YHC underestimated how terrible Ascending Gentlemans really were and wished he had stuck with 7 but everyone was made stronger because of it. Scrooge was delighted after that to hand of the Q to Bluto who welcomed us back with his presence.

Bluto reluctantly took the torch from Scrooge as he was still sucking wind from all the running. Once we all finished Scrooge’s workout we proceeded to lineup roughly 40 yards. The workout was as follows: 1 squats, sprint 40 yards, 15 LBC’s. Sprint back and do 2 squats, sprint 40 yards and do 14 LBC’s. Keep going till you get to 15 squats and O LBC’s. Bluto threw a curve and had everyone switch to side straddle hops for the last 5 instead of LBC’s. This was done because it was getting very wet and Bluto was soaked. When you finished with this you had to go do a wall sit till the 6 was finished.

We all circled up and did counterama, namearama, know your 6, & prayer intentions. Those who made it out to the gloom today include Dauber, Rihanna, Worm, Gap, Hedgehog, Sipe, Android, Dollywood, Modell, Froman, Ticket, Jimmy Dean, Cogsworth, Kitty, Wake, Scrooge, Mater, Rose, Danica, Pixar, Mayor, Mailman, Trinity, Ollie, Poodle, Trapeze, & Bluto.

We all got to know Sipe a little better and we would have known him even better but Bluto had to cut him off as he was going over his allotted time. Prayer intentions for Bluto’s mother in law and his grandmas funeral tomorrow as well as for Colt Del Verne. Wake also shared some good words about making sure we keep our families first throughout this challenge. Bluto encouraged everyone to remember when it comes to the winter challenge to not be in a hurry to get it finished. Embrace the journey and keep cultivating the relationships we have developed. Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything that comes across GroupMe. If you consistently post, as you have in the past, then you will have no problem meeting the criteria for the patch. Embrace the suck & the journey!

Thanks for letting us lead today! It is an honor as always!-Bluto & Scrooge

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