Trapeze’s Traverse (The Caddyshack) – 1/23/18

Q: Dauber…… I mean Actually Trapeze
PAX: Bluto, Scrooge, Gap, Romano, Dauber, Trapeze, Mailman, Modell

Trapeze started the morning out welcoming us to a ruck through ottawa park. He was quick to make it known he wasn’t quite sure about the park and was going to have Dauber be head navigator. Dauber led us on a zig zag fashion all across Ottawa Park which got Scrooge’s feet wet and he was sure to complain about it. Gap had his new shovel flag out so the Pax was quick to make sure it would get stuck in a tree and look like Romano’s Shovel flag.

Trapeze led us out with the COT and prayer. If you haven’t been out to Caddyshack you are missing out on one of F3 Toledo’s best kept secrets for rucking.

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