Picnic at the Park (Atalanta) – 1/24/18

1/24/18 – Picnic at the Park

Opened with core principles and mission statement.

Count-O-Rama – (6)
Jennay (Q), Mr. Bean, Woodstock, Bourbon, Landslide, Tupac

Q explained picnic was cancelled due to bear sighting. We would test the myth that the best way to outrun a bear is downhill.

Began with a mosey to the hill while Q explained routine. The “Bear” would rotate each round based on stance in Count-O-Rama. Bear would bear crawl up the hill to the top and then bear crawl down the hill to the bottom.

The rest of the Pax would sprint to the top of the hill, complete repetition of Burpee Ladder (10 first time, 9 second time, and so on) and then sprint down the hill and complete an exercise in the following sequence.

Sequence – completed 10 rounds
– Merkins (20)
– Shoulder Taps (20 each side)
– Spiderman Merkins (20)
– Flutter Kicks (20)
– Plank Jacks (20)
– Repeato

After a half hour of the bear chase, a windy game of ultimate frisbee was enjoyed.

Came together for final count-o-rama – Jennay was (6) and closed with COT.

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