There’s no “I” in Team (Pride Rock) – 1/24/18

Pride Rock (Pacestter)
There’s no “I” in Team beatdown
Q – Hedgehog
Pax – Flo, Gadget, Axis, Bagels, Tupac, H2, Mr. Belding, Mickey, Colonel, Sipe, Bullwinkle, Hedgehog
FNG – Justin “Axis” Mildenstein (Eh’ld by Hedgehog)

FNG into circle center – introduce to Pax
F3 core principals
25 SSH in cadence
Mosey over to the playground

The Thang (1000 reps) while listening to 70’s funk tunes
Divide into (3) teams of 4
Teams – 100 pull ups
Pax – 10 SSH in cadence
Re-divide into (4) teams of 3 …because the Q sucks at math !!!
Teams – 200 reverse lunges
Pax – 15 SSH in cadence
Teams – 300 merkins
Pax – 20 SSH in cadence
Teams – 400 air squats
Pax – 25 SSH in cadence

Team ab workout (all exercises 1 minute work with 30 second breather)
one Pax planks
one Pax mountain climbers
one Pax LBC’s
switch until each Pax completes all 3 exercises

Team crawls (125 feet between light pole and median)
one Pax from each team at a time
bear crawl down
bear crawl back
crawl bear down
crawl bear back
two-man carry heaviest Pax on team down and back

mosey back to COT area

COT – countorama, FNG “Axis”, nameorama, know your 6 (Mr. Belding), prayer intentions

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