Moana’s Lazy Saturday (The Fortress) – 1/27/18

Beatdown 1/27

Began with 5 F3 principals / Count-o-ram-a

5 x 20 merkins with 50 yrd sprint or 25 yrd bear crawl

25 Lt. Dan’s

50 yrd sprint

25 Jump squats

50 yrd sprint

25 reverse lunge

25 single leg RDL

25 donkey kicks

50 yrd sprint

75 air shoulder presses

Time under tension:

1 minute single merkin

1 minute single squat

1 minute handstand press

Repeto TOT

end COT

PAX: Bambi, Bourbon, Jennay, Shakira, Spaulding, Flo, Raven, Buttermaker, Peepers, MR. Bean, Venom

Q: Moana

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