Waffle House Pre-Ruck (The Fuse) – 1/27/18

Waffle House Pre-Ruck


PAX- Splinter, Nails, Trapeze, Stark, Trinty, Mary Lou, Woodstock, Danica, Stamper, Ozzie

Distance- 3.3 miles

Discussed the 5 core principles. Began the Ruck at the Fuse with the lofty goal of reaching the land of syrup at the Waffle House on Central. PAX exceeded expectations by reaching the restaurant in 26 minutes with coupons in tow. Disclaimer: These coupons were not valid at the Sylvania Waffle House location.
After a quick group shot in front of the bright yelllow neon sign we headed back towards the Fuse taking a slightly different route.
The Waffle House ended with a COT as well as Trapeze being the chosen one as the “6”.
A bit of controversy as Trapeze confessed that he was actually headlocked by Colonel’s M and not Colonel. Ticket- please reflect this in the official F3 stat books.
Prayers for the family in Perrysburg that lost their father / husband in an accident. Also prayers for Mary Lou’s son and the passing of his grandmother.

– Oz

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