Ruck and work those Biceps (The Fuse) – 1/28/18

This morning at an early 5 AM, 8 Paxs ventured out for 2.56 miles.

We went from the southview parking lot turned left on Sylvania and left again on King. Then we went left on the bike path went down to pixar’s house turned around and headed up through the woods back to the southview parking lot, did a lap around and then came to an end.

During the ruck everyone curled 10-25 lb weights.

We prayed to be leaders and the men we were meant to be.

The pax were:

Gap, TuPac, Flo, Hedgehog, Valdez, John Henry, Mater, & Sipe.

Arms will be sore today but it was an honor.

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