Beatdown (The Oasis) – 1/27/18

Q- Honeymoon

PAX- Honeymoon, Simple Jack, Romano, Froman, Mother Rucker, Dauber, Jimmy Dean, Meatloaf, Gap, Hustle

Opening – Core Principles

The Thang-

Each PAX brought their sacks and used them during the beatdown. The workout incorporated a deck of cards and seven different exercises: squats, kettle bell tosses, diamond merkins, merkins, overhead press, curls, flutter kicks, and a good ol’ lap around Close Park. Each card had an exercise and the number of reps of the exercise was dependent on the card. Every Ace meant a lap, 2 meant two reps, three meant three reps, so on and so forth. It was an honor to lead the group.

COT- prayers of healing and to be stronger men.

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