It’s You vs Gravity (Faith Hill) – 1/29/18

Q – Sideshow
The PAX- Kitty, Animal, Froman, Romano, Costanza, Jimmy Dean, Hedgehog, Dauber, Ollie, Ozzie, Mater, Klinger, Brita, Android, Poodle, Rihanna, Gap, Trinity, Rose, Colonel, Mr. Belding, John Henry, Splinter, Dollywood, Modell, Gadget, Mayor, Butterball (FNG)

Warmup Run around from parking log

Routine #1
Partner up with one PAX doing burpees while other PAX reverse run up hill, forward run down. PAX alternate until a total count of 100 burpees (Burp Back Mountain).

Routine #2
Same partners, each PAX does wheelbarrow 20 yards, 10 power merkins, repeato wheelbarrow with 9 power merkins, then 8, 7……down to 1.

Routine #3
Four corners of Mount Doom: 1st corner lunges x 20 OYO, 2nd corner: mountain climbers x 20, 3rd corner frog jump x 10 and 4th corner power jumps x10.

FNG :Brandon Gabel (FNG)
#6: Jimmy Dean shared his story

End in COT

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