BYOB Ruck (The Necropolis) – 1/30/18

Q: Flo

Pax: Buttermaker, Bourbon, Stark, Tupac, Woodstock, Raven, Jennay, Venom, Monopoly & guest Pixar

BYOB (bring your own barbell) Ruck began at 0530 with F3 mission and five principles. COR (11) then counted off by 3’s. Formed two columns with flag at the front followed by three 55lb barbells each team carried by two pax. Two rear pax carried and curled a 20lb dumbbell. Using two minute coupon rotations we rucked 2.6 miles in 47 minutes. Our halfway point was the Wall where we broke into three teams. Each team member took turns military pressing the barbell while the rest of the team did planks with their rucks on. After several minutes we headed back to the Necropolis in our two column formation. COR, Bourbon shared his F3 journey, NOR, finishing with a COT.

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