F3Toledo 9 Month-iversary Ruck (The Ruckus) – 2/13/18

Q: Ticket
Pax: Mickey, Stamper, Klinger, Splinter, Wake, Sipe, John Henry, The Hoff, Android, Rihanna, Hustle, Mater, Worm, Mayhem, Hedgehog, Trinity, Pixar, Brute, Scrooge, Ticket (No FNGs)

Today was the 9 month anniversary of the launch of F3 in Toledo. To commemorate this momentous occasion, 20 PAX took a stroll down memory lane. As there were no FNGs, YHC briefly reviewed the 5 core principles of F3 and explained that due to the icy conditions, the PAX would proceed on this ruck without the coupons originally planned.

Before stepping off for the ruck, the PAX did a little warm-up consisting of 15 SSH in cadence with rucks on and Michael Phelps and Arm Circles OYO. After getting limbered up, YHC asked the PAX to share stories from the first 9 months of F3 Toledo as we rucked. And with that, the PAX stepped off.

The PAX headed out of the Harroun Park parking lot, turning south on Main St toward Ravine Rd. At Ravine, the PAX hung a left, heading to Flower Memorial Hospital. After an ill-timed start to crossing Harroun Rd, split the PAX. The PAX regrouped and headed into the entrance of the hospital, working their way toward the garage. In the parking lot in front of the building by the garage, the PAX paused for some PT – 10 burpees in cadence, with rucksacks on. After the PT, the PAX continued to the garage, rucked to the top and back down. From there, the PAX returned to the parking lot for another round of PT – 15 rucksack squat thrusters.

The PAX began heading south on the Flower Hospital campus toward Brint Rd. Finding sidewalks that were not yet cleared of snow, the PAX opted to ruck in the street down Brint Rd, heading toward Main St. We hung a right on Main, heading north and back to Harroun Park.

In all, the PAX covered 3.32 miles in 55 minutes, for a 16.5 minute mile pace, including the PT.

Some of the early mumblechatter during the ruck was about preparing for the first F3Toledo beatdown, Colonel trying to up the ante on some of the guys to commit FNGs for the first beatdown, and how Mickey thought there was no way he was in the right place as he pulled into Southview that first Saturday morning. There were way too many people for it to be the right place.

As we continued on, people recalled some their favorite beatdowns, convergences in Perrysburg, Sylvania, and Toledo, the July beatdown and 2nd F at Brute’s parents place, the FROG, and the news story that Nails’s wife did on F3 Toledo in August. With GrowRuck looming in a couple of months, the mumblechatter turned to equipment and people coming in from around Ohio and other states.

The ruck concluded with COR, NOR, Meet the 6th (Sipe), Announcements, and a COT.

Hustle reminded the PAX to continue to consider bringing blankets to upcoming beatdowns to donate to the Cherry Street Mission.

The group offered up prayers for Bluto, Sideshow and his family, Splinter’s co-worker and his wife and newborn child, Worm’s brother, and the troops and first responders that they stay safe in carrying out their duties to protect and serve. YHC asked for the patience, wisdom, and strength to be better men today.

Here are some tidbits about the 34 men from Toledo that showed up and showed out for the first F3 workout at The Fuse on 5/13/2017:

  • 9 have reached the Century Club
  • 18 have posted in 2018, including 15 in February 2018
  • 21 have posted 10 or more times, though a few have not been since the temperature dipped below freezing
  • 1 guy has not posted since June, but is joining us for GrowRuck
  • Only 7 have not returned

It was an honor and a privilege to lead the men of F3 Toledo this morning.


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