Century Club! Part Deux (The Fuse) – 2/17/18

-the Fuse
February 17
5 core principles
25 Pax -Droid, Rihanna, Mater, Danica, Pixar, Colonel , Klinger , Brita, Ollie, Mad dog, Mary Lou, Ozzie, Stamper, Cogsworth, Venus , Nails, Goose, H2 (hate) , Froman (respect) , Friday (hate) , trinity, wake , splinter , Mickey
Welcome FNG – Stiffler( hate )

6 stations 2 workouts at each station .
Done with a partner both do 10 of each exercise per station . Continue to run around the track stopping at each station until time expired.
donkey kicks
partner sit-ups
plank jacks shoulder taps
jump squats
flutter kicks
-partner merkins
-pickle pounders
Mountain climbers
diamond Merkins
imperial walkers
Froman -wide Merkins


Mole skin – first off “brita” showed up with a legendary mustache . Then he took on the role of his mustache brotherin Hedgehog and pushed this YBIC the whole time. He is ridiculous . Colonel shook off another fall from his shows locking up and kept up with Klinger . The PAX once again did not let this YBIC down pushing throughout with no one stopping . I was so proud of the progress that we have shown by dominating the century club reborn . The FNG Stifler came in and killed it like it was nothing . Look forward to seeing him out there in the gloom.
Prayer intentions – gratitude for this beautiful opportunity and starting in darkness while finishing in God s glory , sideshow mom , Rihanna mother in law , respect to the hero who jumped in front of bullets in Florida , dauber s family and all others I may have missed . Thanks so much.

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