The Gauntlet (The Oasis) – 2/17/18

QIC: Modell

6 PAX, 0 FNGs: Rocko, Dauber, Meatloaf, Simple Jack, Model, and Kitty

Kitty, Simple Jack, and Rocko were waiting and engaged in some parking lot mumble chatter as Dauber, Meatloaf and Modell arrived back to the Oasis home base after taking a 1 hr., fast paced pre-beatdown ruck, which was Q’d by Dauber.

Once gathered, we opened up with the 5, F3 principles and began some stretching to loosen and prepare our bodies for the range of exercises we would perform.

Gauntlet Round I:
Headed to the jungle gym, circled up, and as each man took his turn completing 5 man-makers (pull ups), the rest of the group performed continuos squats in cadence. Plenty of squat holds on the down cadence and frog hops on the up cadence. Repeat-o.

The PAX then performed 30 V Ups in cadence and went to the concrete stoops to complete 20 box jumps in cadence.

Gauntlet Round II:
For round 2 we moseyed over to the Start High School parking lot carrying 3 cinder block coupons. Each man handed off the coupon to another about 3/4 of the way to the school.

Once at Start HS we performed 50 LBCs in cadence.

We then split up into 2-man teams. While one man ran to the other end of the parking lot row (about 40 yards) and then back (another 40 yards), the other man performed cinder block tricep dips (minimum of 20, but more if able). This was done 4x.

The planned next exercise was changed when the PAX spotted a young kid running up and down the rows. Dauber said he was probably a wrestler trying to make weight. We ascertained, and that was indeed the case. We invited him to join some of the workout if he wanted. He came over and we broke into 2-man teams. One man ran to the end of the row w a cinder block coupon while the other man performed 5 merkins and ran to catch up w the partner running w the cinder block. The partners switched roles and repeated.

This was done 3-4x and the kid stopped us to say that he felt like he’d made weight!

After our young visitor left, we completed 25 plank jacks in cadence.

Gauntlet Round III:
We moseyed back to Oasis home base w our cinder block coupons. Once back we completed 50 big boy partner sit ups; 2 rounds of bear crawls, side shuffles, frog hops and sprints; a quick sprint; and a core exercise of each man’s choosing.

Ended in COT: count-o-rama and name-o-rama. Spotlight on the 6 – Modell talked about his appreciation of F3 and how the PAX pushes him to be better. He grew up in Cleveland and is a Browns, Cavs, and Tribe fan. His F3 name was given to him against his wishes, as Art Modell was the owner who moved the Browns to Baltimore. BOM included prayers for family members, friends, students and co-workers. Special prayers for community in Florida where most recent school shooting occurred and that God provide us opportunities to connect with young people in ways that keeps them from resorting to violence.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q.
– Modell

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