Sipe’s Super Saturday (The Fortress) – 2/17/18

The morning was mild but the ground was soft and wet. 15 paxs, one FNG (Dinghy), and Jennay’s dog all embarked in a classic beat down from the north, the surrender workout.

In the surrender workout each move builds on the next. So the first round is one move, the second round is that same first move plus a new one. The third round is those first two moves plus a new one, etc.

Round one: 6 surrenders 3 starting with the right leg and three starting with the left done in cadence.
Round two: repeat round one plus 6 up/down jacks in cadence.
Round three: repeat round 2 and 10 merkins with a down on three up on one cadence.
Round four: repeat round 3 and 10 full big boy sit ups.
Round five: repeat round 4 and 6 side plank knee to elbow each side.
Round six: repeat round five and 6 flutter kicks in cadence (meaning 24).
Round seven: repeat round six and six burpies in cadence.
Round eight: repeat round seven and six plyo lunges.
Round nine: repeat round eight and six in and out squats.
Round ten: repeat round nine plus 10 skaters.
Round 11: repeat round ten plus 6 imperial walkers (two is one).
Round 12: repeat round 11 plus 10 side straddle hops in cadence.
Round 13: repeat round 12.

At one point we did have to move to higher ground because it was wet.

We prayed for the unborn, school children, against senseless violence, and for first responders and our troops.

The paxs were: Dinghy, Stark, Jennay, Tupac, Flo, Virus, Spaulding, Huffy, Bourbon, Mr Bean, Bambi, Venom, Landslide, Coal, Peepers, and Sipe.

I’d like to thank the perrysburg guys for their hospitality and thank Bourbon for allowing me to queue. It was truly an honor.

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