Lets Ruck and Say that We Did (The Oasis) – 2/24/18

2/24/18 – Lets Ruck and Say that We Did Pre-Beatdown Ruck

Q – Gap

PAX – Trinity, Dauber, Nails, Modell

Opening – Brief rundown of F3 purpose, principles and agenda.

The Thang –

No coupon ruck stopping to do (30ea) Fingers to the ground squats, (20 ea leg) lunges and squat twists for a total distance of 2.68 miles in 47:27 for an average pace of 17’40” per mile.

COT – Prayers for Gap’s uncle as he prepares for bone marrow transplant, patience for all, thanks to our troops and first responders. Prayers of hope for an end to the senseless violence in the schools and with our children.

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