Sipe’s Saturday Workout Round 2 (The Fortress) – 2/24/18

This AM 10 paxs took part in a total body workout.

1st we warmed up with 15 side straddle hops.

Next 5 paxs went on a mile run while the other 5 rotated through the following exercises with weights for 10 reps each:

Inclined press 45 lbs
Close grip press 40 lbs
One arm row 35 lbs
Flys 30 lbs
Curls & kickbacks 25 or 20 lbs
Skull crushers 15 or 12 lbs
Six way shoulder lifts 10 or 8 lbs


Next we took 10 cards laid them in a row picked up one, put down one, picked up two, put down two, all the way to 10.

Next we did 50 partner sit ups.

We prayed for peace, those who have anxiety, those who are pregnant and unborn.

The paxs were Flo, Bourbon, Mr Bean, Tupac, Bambi, Spaulding, Rooster, Mother Rucker, Jennay, and Sipe.

It was truly an honor. Thank you paxs.

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