Cougar Hunt (The Fuse) – 2/24/18

QIC: Splinter
PAX: Stamper, Goose, Froman, Friday, Scrooge*, Honeymoon, Spider Monkey, The Mickey, Colonel, Hedgehog, Gadget, Mr. Belding, Brute, Lavar, Mayhem, Mailman, Splinter

It was a last minute gathering at the Fuse due to the Pre-Ruck running a bit longer than expected. YHC made it to the parking lot with 2 minutes to spare…just enough time to plant the flag and grab his weinke(!). 16 PAX were waiting eagerly to go on a cougar hunt and honestly, who could blame them? YHC suspected some of the PAX were even wearing cologne (Belding) for the occasion, there might have been a miscommunication on the MO for the day.

We started promptly at 6:30 and with no FNG’s we proceeded as normal, reviewing 5 core principles and emphasizing you against you. Do the best you can do and take care of yourself.

SSH IC x 25
Windmills IC x 25

Mosey’d over to the track.

The Thang

We hunted around the campus of Southview performing exercises in all of the corners. The intention was to do 25 reps of each in all of the corners IC…we did alot of them 25 but not all of them and I don’t remember which exercises we did less on.

So we would start in one corner of field…do a set…and then go to the next corner of the field and do the next set, making our way around the campus.

1. 25 – Merkins
2. 25 – Air Squats
3. 25 – Flutter Kicks
4. 25 – Imperial Walkers

5. 25 – Catalina Wine Mixers
6. 25 – Jump Squats
7. 25 – Dancing Bears
8. 25 – Pickle Pounder (one arm)
9. 25 – Monkey Humpers
10. 25 – American Hammers

Stadium Entrance
11. 25 – Dirty Hook-ups

School Bus Parking Lot
12. 25 – Bulgarian Ball Buster
13. 25 – Diamond Merkins
14. 25 – Mountain Climbers
15. 25 – People’s Air Press

Soccer Field
16. 25 – Plank Jacks
17. 25 – Surrenders
18. 25 – Turkish Getups
19. 25 – Wide Merkins

Band Practice Field
20. Bear Crawl Across
21. Sprint Field
22. Reverse Bear Crawl
23. Sprint Field

Ran Lap around school and finished at the shovel flag.

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama / Get to know the 6 (Scrooge) – Scrooge told us about himself and his journey in F3 so far. Although admittedly 2nd F is not his favorite, the PAX definitely liked learning more about him and I always like hearing what he has to say, even if it is complaining about lack of information 😀

Prayer Intentions: For Families in Florida and any others i may have forgotten.

Thanks to those who made it out for the support and the drive to be HIM.

-Had a blast putting this one together and running through it with the PAX exceeded my expectations as always.
-Cadencing is hard and attempting to do it the whole time through a workout like this was humbling. YHC needs to ask Klinger for a crash course as I was DR for his cadence Q last month.
-No cougars were spotted and it was officially a sausage fest
-PAX seemed to enjoy dirty hook-ups (who would have guessed?)…we’ll have to bring that back again soon.
-PAX were NOT fans of turkish getups w/o kettle bells and let your YHC hear about it.
-Cadencing is hard


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