Sunday Funday (The Fuse) – 2/25/18

PAX: Nails, Mickey, Mater, Mayor, Sideshow, Modell, Sipe, Jimmy Dean and Gap

The Thang:

-Nails with the 5 core principles of F3
-Mosey to the track and partner up
-2 laps and 80 merkins for each PAX
-2 laps and 60 wide merkins
-2 laps and 40 diamond merkins
-2 laps and partner(patty cake) merkins for a total of 2 miles and 200 merkin variations
-1 lap partner carry
-on your 6 and 3 core exercises(Mickey-30 flutter kicks, Sipe-10 up downs w/plank jacks, Modell- 15 American hammers)

-Jimmy Dean shared his F3 story as the “6”
-Prayer intentions for Sideshow’s Mom, Britta’s dad, Mickey’s dad and Gap’s uncle
-COT and prayer led by Nails

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