Ruck in the Park (Caddyshack) – 2/27/18

PAX: Mailman, Mother Rucker, Jimmy Dean, Bluto, Dauber, Scrooge
Q: Scrooge

The Thang: 3.5 miles with 2 coupons
Pax showed up at the police museum parking lot to find an overfill lot for police cruisers that should be in service but the City of Toledo must not want to get them dirty. Mother Rucker was so gracious to provide us with 2 coupons this morning and YHC decided wisely against the 80lb sandbag and 16 lb sledgehammer. YHC waited a minute or two looking for John Henry but we pressed on after not being blessed with his presence this morning. Core principles were shared and we were off with a tiny bit of help from the local “sherpa” we found our way to UT and back without too many hiccups in the path. YHC got a smidge lost and forgot a headlamp but other than that fun was had by all.

COT: Mailman volunteered for the 6 and discussed his love of F3 and what it means to him. Prayers were said for Dauber’s father in law and PAX work conditions

Moleskin: What would a ruck be without seeing a cop in a parking lot with nobody else around. Good thing he decided to shine his light at us to let us know he was awake. One of these days YHC will not need the local Sherpa’s help to not get lost, but that day was not today. Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!

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