Ruck – Charge Faith Hill and Honor Some Flags Along the Way (The Ruckus) – 2/27/18

Q: Mayor
PAX: Trinity, Mayor, Rose, Kitty, Colonel, Hedgehog, Froman, Worm, Custo, Mayhem, Splinter, Sipe, Cogsworth, Brute, Ollie, Hustle, Mad Dog, Mickey, Stamper, Brita, El Chapo, Klinger, Android and Rihana,
We rucked over a 5k (3.3 mi) thru St Joe’s, Lourdes, charged Faith Hill, Sleepy Hillow, Mayor’s office and Fire Station1. We honored US flags with merkins (80 in total). We ended with a circle of trust. Froman, as the 6, shared what the group means to him. We prayed for Brita’s dad, Worn’s neighbor, Android’s wife’s surgery today, all men considering a church retreat, for those that put up with our time away from home to participate in F3 and others I have forgotten as well as others that were unspoken.

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