Honoring the Victims (Stone Wolfe) – 2/28/18

AO – Stone Wolfe

Q – Hedgehog
Pax (18) – Gap, John Henry, Dollywood, Splinter, Kitty, Mr. Belding, Mater, Ollie, Ozzy, Scrooge, Mailman, Poodle, Klinger, Pooh Bear, Sipe, Costanza, FNG (Elena), Hedgehog

F3 core principals – welcome Ryan Sedlock (FNG EH’ld by Hedgehog)

Mosey to the track

“Honor the Victims” – On February 14th at approx. 14:40 hours a madman entered Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida and opened fire with an assault rifle eventually killing 17 students and faculty. Today we honor those 17 victims and their families with a good old fashioned F3 Beatdown.

The Thang:
17 half laps of the track, circling up at every half lap to do 17 reps (in cadence) of one of 17 different exercises (see below)
Backward Lunges
Forward Lunges
Mountain Climbers
Supine Hip Thrusters
Plank to Push Ups
Side Lunges (left)
Side Lunges (right)
Bicycle Crunches
Jump Squats
Partner Sit Ups
American Hammers
Overhead Press Ups
Leg Lowering

Finish with one full lap and onto the COT (total distance 2.60 per Klinger’s gps)

Recite the individual names and ages of those killed at this horrific incident while the group silently prayed for them.

Countorama, Nameorama, know your six (Pooh Bear), introduce our FNG (Elana), prayer intentions

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