Learn & Burn Murph Workout (The Ant Hill) – 3/1/18

The Pax: Ticket, Balco, Mater, Poodle, Honeymoon, Cogsworth, Glitch, Splinter, Scrooge, Ollie, Mailman, Sipe, Gap, Mad Dog, Sideshow, Dauber, Brute, Hustle, Jimmy Dean, Rose, Klinger, Kitty, Bluto

The Thang: The workout today was a modified Murph. The goal was to do 100 pullups, 200 push-ups and 300 squats while running/sprinting to a flag 30 yards away after each set of 10. This symbolism was for LT. Michael Murphy and how he sacrificed himself by running to a clearing to call for help. The kicker to this whole thing was that this whole workout was done wearing our Rucks. This was to get us some good training for the Grow Ruck in April.

After 30 minutes of the Murph we moseyed to the other side of the parking lot under the streetlight. Bluto then handed out pieces of paper with the names of each person killed in Operation Red Wings. The pax planked while we did an honoray COT/Namearama for each person. Each piece of paper had the name & rank, age of death, branch of service and hometown of all 19 men who were killed.

We then proceeded to do namearama and counterama. Glitch was the 6 today and he told us how he was EH’d by Colonel and what F3 means to him. Bluto then started a new tradition that he hopes will continue. The 6(Glitch) was given a copy of the book “Seal of Honor”-The LT. Michael Murphy story. I told him to read all or as much of it as he wanted. I then asked that he bring it to the next Murph workout and give it to the next respective 6.

Prayer intentions were thrown out by Honeymoon & Dauber about their students and the students in Florida. Keep our teachers in your prayers as they have to worry about not only their own safety, but the safety of their students they are entrusted with. Bluto then led us in a closing prayer.

The goal of today’s workout was to make everyone aware of the other 18 men that died in Operation Redwings besides LT. Michael Murphy, there were two other SEALS who died with him in on the ground in Afghanistan. A Chinook helicopter was shot down attempting to rescue them. On board were 8 crew members from the Chinook, all members of the US Army, along with 8 additional Navy Seals. Here is a list of everyone who was killed in Operation Red Wings in 2005:

Name Age Hometown

Navy SEALs

LT Michael P. Murphy 29 Patchogue, New York

SO2 Matthew Axelson 29 Cupertino, California

SO2 Danny Dietz 25 Littleton, Colorado

SOC Jacques J. Fontan 36 New Orleans, Louisiana

SOCS Daniel R. Healy 36 Exeter, New Hampshire

LCDR Erik S. Kristensen 33 San Diego, California

SO1 Jeffery A. Lucas 33 Corbett, Oregon

LT Michael M. McGreevy, Jr. 30 Portville, New York

SO2 James E. Suh 28 Deerfield Beach, Florida

SO1 Jeffrey S. Taylor 30 Midway, West Virginia

SO2 Shane E. Patton 22 Boulder City, Nevada

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

SSG Shamus O. Goare 29 Danville, Ohio

CWO3 Corey J. Goodnature 35 Clarks Grove, Minnesota

SGT Kip A. Jacoby 21 Pompano Beach, Florida

SFC Marcus V. Muralles 33 Shelbyville, Indiana

MSG James W. Ponder III 36 Franklin, Tennessee

MAJ Stephen C. Reich 34 Washington Depot, Connecticut

SFC Michael L. Russell 31 Stafford, Virginia

CWO4 Chris J. Scherkenbach 40 Jacksonville, Florida

It was an honor leading you all today. Never forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

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