Ruck it…let’s just ruck! (The Ruckus) – 1/23/18

QIC: Hustle

25 pax posting at The Ruckus for a good ol’ fashioned ruck, traveling about 3.5 miles on a blustery Tuesday morning: Mater, Stamper, Sipe, Jimmy Dean, Android, Ozzie, Wake, Mr. Belding, Mickey, Colonel, Danica, Froman, Rihanna, Brute, Worm, Trinity, Ollie, Hedgehog, Rose, Brita, Costanza, Cogsworth, Mayor, Honeymoon, Hustle.

‘Learn about the 6’: it was Ozzie’s turn to tell the pax what F3 means to him and how he got his name (Ozzie Newsome was a tight end for the Cleveland Browns).

Prayer intentions included Cogsworth’s wife’s friend and their child who is 17 and missing; continued healing for Rose’s wife; for Worm’s co-worker Bruce; and for the troops and their selflessness.

A huge thanks for those who posted. I am truly blessed and humbled to lead such a great group!

Trapeze’s Traverse (The Caddyshack) – 1/23/18

Q: Dauber…… I mean Actually Trapeze
PAX: Bluto, Scrooge, Gap, Romano, Dauber, Trapeze, Mailman, Modell

Trapeze started the morning out welcoming us to a ruck through ottawa park. He was quick to make it known he wasn’t quite sure about the park and was going to have Dauber be head navigator. Dauber led us on a zig zag fashion all across Ottawa Park which got Scrooge’s feet wet and he was sure to complain about it. Gap had his new shovel flag out so the Pax was quick to make sure it would get stuck in a tree and look like Romano’s Shovel flag.

Trapeze led us out with the COT and prayer. If you haven’t been out to Caddyshack you are missing out on one of F3 Toledo’s best kept secrets for rucking.

Scrooge & Bluto Beatdown (Faith Hill) – 1/22/18

Date 1/22/18

Weather: 45 degrees and a muddy mess on Faith Hill

Warmup: Scrooge wanted to get a little Cadence practice after learning from Klinger on Saturday, sad to see him not at Faith Hill but I hope my cadence made him happy with 20 SSH in CADENCE.

The Thang:

Since Faith Hill was a sloppy mess and YHC didn’t want to get his old shoes dirty we decided to stick to the pavement and try and dodge all of the traffic coming through Faith Hill this morning. Clearly everyone in Sylvania wanted to see a bunch of HIM working out in the gloom this morning because we kept having to move our workout to make way for everyone driving through.


Since 7 didn’t seem like enough we did 9 Ascending Gentlemans against Northview High School and then ran down the parking lot hill to Silica to do 1 Burpee and then back up for 8 AG and then 2 Burpees and so on. YHC underestimated how terrible Ascending Gentlemans really were and wished he had stuck with 7 but everyone was made stronger because of it. Scrooge was delighted after that to hand of the Q to Bluto who welcomed us back with his presence.

Bluto reluctantly took the torch from Scrooge as he was still sucking wind from all the running. Once we all finished Scrooge’s workout we proceeded to lineup roughly 40 yards. The workout was as follows: 1 squats, sprint 40 yards, 15 LBC’s. Sprint back and do 2 squats, sprint 40 yards and do 14 LBC’s. Keep going till you get to 15 squats and O LBC’s. Bluto threw a curve and had everyone switch to side straddle hops for the last 5 instead of LBC’s. This was done because it was getting very wet and Bluto was soaked. When you finished with this you had to go do a wall sit till the 6 was finished.

We all circled up and did counterama, namearama, know your 6, & prayer intentions. Those who made it out to the gloom today include Dauber, Rihanna, Worm, Gap, Hedgehog, Sipe, Android, Dollywood, Modell, Froman, Ticket, Jimmy Dean, Cogsworth, Kitty, Wake, Scrooge, Mater, Rose, Danica, Pixar, Mayor, Mailman, Trinity, Ollie, Poodle, Trapeze, & Bluto.

We all got to know Sipe a little better and we would have known him even better but Bluto had to cut him off as he was going over his allotted time. Prayer intentions for Bluto’s mother in law and his grandmas funeral tomorrow as well as for Colt Del Verne. Wake also shared some good words about making sure we keep our families first throughout this challenge. Bluto encouraged everyone to remember when it comes to the winter challenge to not be in a hurry to get it finished. Embrace the journey and keep cultivating the relationships we have developed. Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything that comes across GroupMe. If you consistently post, as you have in the past, then you will have no problem meeting the criteria for the patch. Embrace the suck & the journey!

Thanks for letting us lead today! It is an honor as always!-Bluto & Scrooge

100% Chance of Rain. 100% Chance of Pain (The Gauntlet) – 1/22/18

Date: 1/22/18
Weather: Foggy, 45 degrees and dare the Q say – Humid….
Count-a-rama – 15 pax, No FNG’s
AO – The Gauntlet – Rivercrest Park – solid locale with options galore for those that have yet to post or venture southward

PAX present:
The Mickey, Brita, Splinter, Oz, Klinger, Bourbon, Virus, Woodstock, Mr. Bean, Landslide (respect), Peepers, Tupac, Stark, Casper, Huffy, Colonel

Started with quick rundown of Core Principles – Free, Open to all Men, Always Outside, Peer Led in Rotating Fashion, always ends in Circle of Trust.

Initial plan was to do some warm up exercises in cadence but with a goal to get as close to 3 miles of running in for the pax along with some PT did an Omaha (audible) and had the pax Mosey to far soccer fields.

On the mosey Woodstock and Virus shared that the hill was sheet of ice… In the words of The Mickey – “Not Good Bro”

The Thang:

Run the lap around the double soccer field AYG with the caveat that you must include running up the icy hill, across summit of hill and down hill. Also every other run would include an exercise at summit of said hill (gotta name that hill) and then down back to start for some PT. When you reach start point do the called out exercise until the 6 is in and then as a group do the called # of reps of said exercise with the 6.
Lap 1:
Run with bear crawl at hill summit and back to start
Burpee w/ double merkin until 6 is in and then BDM x 15 In Cadence (IC)
Lap 2:
Run with no bear crawl
Plank Jack Merkin IC x 15
Lap 3:
Run w/ bear crawl
Squat Jump x 15
Lap 4:
Run no bear crawl
Spider-Man Merkin IC x 10
Lap 5:
Run w/Bear Crawl
Mtn Climber Merkin IC x 10
Lap 6:
Run no Bear Crawl
1/2 Burpee (no merkin with burpee with Knee Tucks on jump up x 10
Lap 7:
Run with Lunges across Top in 3 groups of 5 to run in with the 6

As a pax, Moseyed back to cars with Brita sprinting to get the flag at the front in its rightful place.

YHC noticed it was 6:10 so just enough time for one more item. YHC had taken direction from the weatherman (stupid) and 36 hours prior to the beatdown weatherman stated 100% chance of rain thus the name of the beatdown was 100% chance of rain, 100% chance of pain. Klinger, in his infinite wisdom and direct, albeit minimal, talk, reminded YHC that without the rain he assumed there would be little to no pain…. (it doesn’t happen often but Klinger was 100% incorrect in his assumption)

Expecting rain for the pax cued up Nov. 25th 1989 #1 hit from the legendary vocalists Milli Vanilla – “Blame It on the Rain” Plan was for the pax to do SSH during the song and every time Milli, or Vanilla, or whomever sang for their songs, said Blame drop and do a burpee. YHC didn’t bring a speaker and the road noise coupled with the weak output from the iPhone 6 made it impossible for the pax to hear so YHC stayed next to the phone and pax followed through on all 35 Blame Burpees as a finisher in under 4 minutes!

RAN a 5k on the dot – 3.13 miles!

Virus was the 6 today in Count-r-ama and he shared with the pax a lot but what stuck with YHC was the fact without this pax and without F3 many if not all of us would not be getting up in the gloom and getting better like we did today.

Prayer intentions:
Bourbon and his family taking in a 16 year old for the next few months praying for understanding and patience we all know he and his M will have as they lead by example and in all they do!
Landslide lost his pet
Brita – as always and rightfully so – the troops and many thanks and prayers we all owe them for our freedom – past and present
Patience for us all and for those we love and encounter day to day
Pax takes the challenge and opportunity to continue to grow stronger individually and collectively!

YHC shared that on the way I was discussing with the clown car of Brita, Mickey, Oz and Splinter that I wanted to share some Q source material and felt I should start at the first Q source entry by Dredd. Jokes and requests were made to just summarize these 2 pages of single spaced, 10 point font, counterfeit material you stole from Dredd… I did not know how to take all of the DRP, EQV, Mascot, HIM, Amateur, Pro, etc. content and summarize until we got in the COT. In COT realized the best summary is the latin phrase – Esse quam videri – To Be, Rather than To Seem. Whether it be in our fitness, our fellowship/friendship or our faith we all must strive each day to live this motto otherwise we are no better than a fraud to all around us – like a musician lip synching music and calling it their own. You say want to be fit – then show up and show out, you say you’re a great friend – then be a great friend in public, private and be the best friend to those you call friends and/or those that need friends, you say you are committed and strong in your faith – then do more than just appear or “act” that way – prove it, BE it. Don’t just “seem” to be any of these things when you have a group like this to hold you accountable, lift you up and help you along all 3 F’s!

Always an honor to Q at any location and with any of the F3 Toledo pax – Appreciate those that posted and pushed and those that clown car’d down south waking up 30 mins earlier than necessary. Great AO, Great pax that post and call this their home AO on Mondays! – respect
Mickey forgot gloves and due to YHC desire to be extra early he was able to pick some up at the Speedway Gas Station. Mickey doubted the potential of gloves to be present in Speedway but came away amazed at the cornucopia of options.
Lunges were thrown in the mix to keep pax together but also b/c Mickey specifically requested no lunges.
Brita gave YHC the compliment that the workout was a real RAK – Real Ass Kicker – Brita has put in for a trademark on RAK much like Goruck has TM’d DFQ
Oz still loves Waffle House and was pleased with the amount of running involved since he feels we do not run nearly enough. But hey he’s an Ironman and once ran 110 miles in 24 hours (true story) so. Meh!
Splinter – welcome back – Stark, Sipe and I were holding out a sliver of hope you may decide to stay in the tropical location for another couple months so we could get close to your number of posts…
Woodstock is fast and a beast on the runs – he also did a pre-beatdown run so there is that
Stark, Woodstock, Mickey – strong work going back with the 6 multiple times.
Bourbon and Tupac were quick to go all Yeti and show take off their shirts, while jumping in puddles and embracing Rocky/Creed style – was 1/2 respect and 1/2 proof that male companionship is shown in many ways throughout F3!
Also of note – Yeti evidently doesn’t post in any temperatures above 30 degrees b/c it doesn’t provide a challenge climate-wise.
Respect to Casper for posting after being out with some sickness – way to push through and show up.

Belding fartsacked in Sylvania – soft eggplant, real soft….

Faith Hill – 06-20-2017

37 Posted. 2 FNGs.

Krusty, Bozo, Gollum, Gadget, ‘Mater, Mr. Belding, Bravo, Bluto, Trapeze, Splinter, Glitch, Honeymoon, Crab Legs, Mickey, Cooter, Froman, The. Colonel, Sunshine, Hustle, Sipe, Maui, Britta, John Henry, Pixar, Romano, Ollie, Klinger, Mayor, Revere, Brute, Ozzie, Bam Bam, Spaulding, Cobra, Stark

Welcome FNGs Mark “The Hoff” Geha and Tom “Mufasa” Otieno

Warm Up
2X’s Through Each
20 Side Straddle Hops
20 Ski Jacks
20 Seal Jacks
20 Swing Kicks

Another humbling moment as we were brought to our knees by one of Mother Natures most unsuspecting yet destructive forces….Dew!
2 Rounds of 6 exercises
45 seconds each, 45 second rest in between
With Faith Hill in between. Either running up her to get to next exercise or going down her….
1.) Over Under Pinch Grip Holding 10lbs each hand.
3.) Rolling Hollow Man
5.) Weighted Squat Hold