Northview High School – Faith Hill

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Date(s) - 09/25/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview - FAITH HILL



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  1. Splinter
    Splinter says:

    Splinter’s Faith Hill VQ

    Excited and anxious, YHC arrived at Faith Hill early to test out a couple exercises and make sure that the rule of “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it!” was honored. Following strong and memorable Q’s by Hacksaw and Froman the pressure was on to deliver a good one to the deserving Sylvania PAX this morning. 31 PAX (wow!) posted in the gloom to see what Faith had to offer. The honeymoon months are stretching into late September for us as we enjoyed 63 degrees and some humidity this morning. Speaking of Honeymoon, while we started promptly, he was in no hurry as the minute countdown was announced he proceeded to saunter, if anything MORE slowly, up the parking lot hill joining us just on time.


    -20 Copperhead Squats IC
    -1/4 Mile Jog around trees

    The Thang – WILDCATS workout

    -Partner up for some comradery during the circuit and to keep some chatter going.
    -Alternating exercises and hill sprints spelling out Wildcat (paying homage to Northview and the Hill). Increasing the exercise reps for each new letter.
    -W – WMD’s (Wide/Merkin/Diamond) x 10
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -I – Inch worms x 20
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -L – LBFC’s x 30
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -D – Dancing Bears x 40
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -C – Crab walk up hill and crawl bear down hill
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -A – American Hammers x 50
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -T – Turkish Getups x 60 (30 each arm) A PAX Favorite it seemed 🙂
    —-Hill Sprints x 3
    -S – Seal Jacks x 70
    —-Hill Sprints x 3

    Most of the pairs finished however we moved onto one last team exercise in the interest of time…

    Final Thang

    -Plank Tunnel/Crawl Race
    —Split into 2 teams starting at edge off football field. Shoulder to shoulder in plank position going up hill (creating man tunnel). Starting team member on end line crawls through tunnel of team and planks when done to keep line moving up hill. First team to the parking lot wins! Team #2 got the best of things this day and reigned victorious, but i’m pretty sure everyone felt like a winner!

    COT / BOM

    YHC led the prayer with prayer intentions for those who are battling cancer and starting treatment. Brita’s friend Lee and Mayor’s friend Kate starting treatment. Prayer intentions also for unity in our country and respecting one another’s opinions, and being good leaders.


    -Tunnel of man seemed particularly chatter filled with everyone “enjoying” the close quarters and as Bluto put it “Sweat Car Wash”.

    -Klinger announced a service opportunity at MacQueen’s Orchards this upcoming Saturday 10/1. See GroupMe for details.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to lead men! Always a pleasure. #ISI

  2. Splinter
    Splinter says:

    Almost forgot the PAX (Thanks for the reminder Ticket!):

    31 in Total: Mr. Belding, Dauber, Sideshow, Worm, Klinger, The Colonel, Rose, Mayor, Sipe, Honeymoon, Pixar, Brita, Gadget, Mickey, Wake, Trapeze, Kitty, Springs, Box, Froman, Willy, Ozzie, Cogsworth, Hacksaw, Glitch, Ollie, Bluto, Mater, Jimmy Dean, Brute, Splinter


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