Arbor Hills Jr. High

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Date(s) - 08/06/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Arbor Hills Jr. High



Beatdown style workout with your F3 Brothers. No better way to start off a Monday.

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  1. Jared "Mailman" Malone
    Jared "Mailman" Malone says:

    Q: Mailman

    PAX: 10

    The Thang:

    10 HIMs ventured out to Buddy Bench on an extra humid Monday morning to put in some work. Mailman had the AO designed for “Mailman’s Deliveries.” This was a 6-station partner workout. Each station had an exercise or “delivery” that was to be completed by two PAX members.

    Station #1 consisted of adding up the letters in the state you were born in and completing that number of burpees. So, for example if you were like Dollywood, born in Mississippi and your partner was born in Ohio you both were tasked with 15 burpees total. Station #2 was 20 ascending gentlemen or 20 handstand pushups total between you and your partner. Station #3 was 100-yard wheelbarrows total between you and your partner (this was going to be 200-yards but after Mailman went first and found out it was RAK he decided to scale back a bit. If you can’t do it, don’t’ “Q” it). Station #4 was 25 big boy sit-ups and 25 American hammers total between you and your partner. Station #5 was 30 burpees and 30 Jump squats total between you and your partner. Finally, station #6 was 25 merkins, 25 dips, and 30 imperial walkers, again, total between you and your partner.

    In between each delivery we were tasked with running one lap around the track. Mailman found out after the COT that Brita said our mileage was 3.46 miles total. All in all, everyone had fun and became better couriers through each delivery. We all were soaking wet as if we just finished a Hoff swim workout at SCC due the humidity.

    COT consisted of Poodle (the 6) speaking about how the accountability in F3 is what draws him in. We also discussed Jimmy Dean’s August Ruck event coming up as well as prayers for Dauber and Model with their back-pain issues, continued prayers for Colt and Rylee, prayers for our F3 brothers who may have family in pain or who have passed away recently. We prayed for the intentions, as well as first responders and our troops. We prayed that we would be better husbands, sons, fathers, brothers and friends.

    Thanks to all who came out!



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