New AO – Rolf Park in Maumee

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Date(s) - 06/27/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Site Q - Woodstock

Rolf Park



Bootcamp style workout. One of our newest AO locations. Come help plant the shovel flag at Rolf Park. This site has a mile loop, large parking lots, big fields, and baseball diamonds…all the fixens for a beautifully scripted beatdown.



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  1. Jake "Jennay" Wittmer
    Jake "Jennay" Wittmer says:

    14 PAX came together to help me bring back ultimate frisbee on a wet morning overlooking the overpass in Maumee As my first beatdown as Q of the Rolf Park, I wanted to make this one include Fun and a Workout. I dont think it disappointed!

    Posting today were Tupac, Landslide, Popcorn (FNG EH’d by Cheese), Bambi, Bourbon, Jennay, QBert, Dutch, Raven, Forrest, Bubba, Hacksaw, Modell, and *Stock (1/2 a name for 1/2 a post)

    Led off with 3F’s, Mission, Principles, and Disclaimer.

    Mosied to Soccer fields and teamed up in pairs of 2
    The Thang:
    BLIMPS – Reps of 100. Partner runs to fence while other one counts off the following. Switch out after the run.
    B – Burpees (Or Bicycle mod)
    L – Leg Lifts
    I – Imperial Walkers
    M – Merkins
    P – Plank Jacks
    S – Squats (or Shoulder Tap Pushup Mod)

    Once teams finished they joined other teams to help complete their numbers. Upon completion, teams were chosen for ultimate frisbee.

    Bambi and Jennay were selected captains and Bambi chose 6 players at once and declared skins. Jennay took the rest and wore what felt like a wet 2nd layer of skin as their jerseys. Shirts kicked off and a fast-paced game ensued and resulted in an astounding victory for the shirts of 4-0 (Modell left salty).

    Skins were given 25 Burpees to complete OYO as their reward for the loss.

    ended with COR, COT, BOM.


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