Atalanta *Fun* Running (Rivercrest Park)

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Date(s) - 01/03/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Site Q Triad - Boulder, Bambi, Moana

Atalanta *Fun* Run



Lots and lots of cardio and fat burn. Relays, Sprints, Laps around the AO…and usually some Ultimate Frisbee!

Park off Fort Meigs Road. NOT ECKLE JUNCTION

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  1. Shakira
    Shakira says:

    It was a “balmy” -3 degrees as the men circled around with the crackling snow under their feet. Nine brave souls, including one FNG, challenged the biting wind to help push each other during Shakira’s VQ. In the infancy of the New Year, it was a prime time to remind each other the needs for teamwork and the fight to conquer the challenges head on.

    Q: Shakira

    Pax: Bambi, Yeti, Hanson, Bourbon, Splinter, Woodstock, Tupac, Shakira (Q)
    FNG: Named Hickok (EH’ed by Bambi)

    Opened with 3 F’s, Mission and 5 Principles of F3.

    Warm up with a half-mile run around the field and past the playground on our way to the hill.

    Stretching was key with the cold, so we fell into a line and did a 40 yard stretch down and back of high knees which were then washed downed with jogging forward “donkey kicks”

    In the feeling of teamwork, the group proceeded to do 100 yard Indian Run down the field, then 100 yard Indian Run back. We rested for 90 seconds to get the heart rates down and repeated.
    After resting for 90 more seconds, it was time for the men to conquer the “Jesters” we will encounter throughout the year. Each man would individually sprint up the hill and perform a Burpee at the top before walking (or sliding) back down for the rest. Once at the bottom, it was time to attack it again and again for the next ten minutes.

    The group then jogged 1/3 mile back to the cars and circled back to support the six. We proceeded to play a frigid game of Ultimate Frisbee together.

    We ended with a COT and BOM, with prayers for safe travels home for Hanson, as well as continued prayers from the day before for the men as they faced their Jesters in the upcoming year.

    FNG came into the middle and told us about himself, his family and his interests. He was EH’ed by Bambi and was named Hickok.

    Woodstock was our 6th and we learned about how he got into F3, his nickname and what the group meant to him.


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