Atalanta *Fun* Running (Rivercrest Park)

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Date(s) - 02/21/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Site Q Triad - Boulder, Bambi, Moana

Atalanta *Fun* Run



Lots and lots of cardio and fat burn. Relays, Sprints, Laps around the AO…and usually some Ultimate Frisbee!

Park off Fort Meigs Road. NOT ECKLE JUNCTION

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  1. Landslide
    Landslide says:

    We had fun in the rain today! These are the brave souls that came today: Bambi, Jennay, Tupac, Shakira, Mr. Bean and the Q, Landslide. We had to modify as we did our interval training in the parking lot. Our sprints were approximately 75 yards. We would run in one direction and do a chest exercise, take our recovery time of walking 25 yards and then sprint back 75 yards, do an ab exercise and walk 25 yards for a recovery. At the end of the sprint where we did chest exercises, the exercises were 1) 25 merkins 2) 10 burpees 3) 25 diamond merkins 4) 10 burpees 5) 25 South Carolina merkins 6) 10 burpees 7) 25 swimmer merkins 8) 10 burpees. At the end of the sprint for the ab exercises, they were 1) 25 LBC’s 2) 10 starfish situps 3) 25 V situps 4) 10 starfish situps 5) 25 American hammers 6) 10 starfish situps 7) 25 LBC’s 8) 10 starfish situps. After this set, for 20 minutes, we played ultimate Frisbee in the mud, in the puddles and on a drenched field.


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