Atalanta *Fun* Running (Rivercrest Park)

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Date(s) - 05/16/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Site Q Triad - Boulder, Bambi, Moana

Atalanta *Fun* Run



Lots and lots of cardio and fat burn. Relays, Sprints, Laps around the AO…and usually some Ultimate Frisbee!

Park off Fort Meigs Road. NOT ECKLE JUNCTION

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  1. Jake "Jennay" Wittmer
    Jake "Jennay" Wittmer says:

    Wahooooo BB

    PAX – Jennay, Bambi, Chanel, Bourbon, Woodstock, Tupac, Venom.

    Opened with Mission Statement and core principals.

    Started things off with Windmills – 25 (4 count)

    All PAX then lined up single file and began an Indian Run around the AO. The run lasted for 4 minutes and the first exercise began – Windmill sit-ups (20 @ 4 Count). This cycle of 4 minute indian run followed by an exercise repeated in the following order.

    – Straight leg slow letdown (20 @ 4 Count)
    – Flutter Kicks (25 @ 4 Count)
    – Partner Situps (30)
    – Bicycle (60 Count-o-rama)

    At this point, the Q shortened the run to 3 minutes get 2 more workouts in and still make time.
    – American Hammer (25 @ 4 Count)
    – Crunchy Frog (24)

    PAX were then given instructions to sprint back to the flag and pick up the 6.

    At the flag, we circled up for count-o-rama – Venom was the 6 and forgot his name.

    Name-o-rama was next followed by COT.

    Announcement was made followed by a vote which ended in the decision to remove Ultimate Frisbee from the regular scheduled Wednesday routine – The amount of disappointment on Jennay’s face was undeniable.


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