F3 Dad’s Workout

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Date(s) - 03/08/2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Q:



This one is family friendly! Bring out the 2.0’s (the kiddos) the Second Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm. The workouts are for the kids, lead by the dad’s and their shorties. The FiA moms are always welcome too! Fun with water balloons, sledding hills, water melons, pumpkins and more. These workouts are to inspire play and the love of an active outdoor lifestyle with the whole family. Childhood favorites like tag, ultimate Frisbee, and football are often incorporated into these workouts.

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  1. Bagels
    Bagels says:

    F3 Workout 3/8/20 (Kids)
    Q – Bagels
    Pax – Jimmy Dean, Pablo, Charmin, Biggie, Trinity, Ozzie, Tupac, Yosemite, Geppetto, Bagels
    2.0s – Crayola, Dash (FNG), Ariel (FNG), Megalodon, Kirby, Kayak, Grand Slam, Spinja, Slushie, R2D2 (FNG), Charizard (FNG), Ice, Silk, Cheetah (FNG), Cartwheel, Firebolt, Slapshot, Sonic, Striker, Savant, Cricket, Sharknado
    Ms – Light Weight (FNG), Avalanche, Strong Heart, Anchor

    • Principles of all F3 Workouts
    o Free
    o Outdoor
    o Men – anyone
    o Peer led in rotating fashion
    o COT at end
    • Warmup
    o Side straddle hop x15
    o Michael Phelps
    o Running – 1 lap around field

    A-to-Z workout. For some exercises, first rep count is for 2.0s and second rep count is for dads.
    • A American Hammer x20/x30
    • B Burpee x5/x10
    • C Catch Me If You Can (5 merkins)
    • D Donkey kick x5/x10
    • E Egyptian walk to tree & back
    • F Freddie Mercury x20
    • G Guantanamo
    • H Hop like bunny to tree and back
    • I Imperial Walker x20
    • J Jump squat x10/x20
    • K Klinger Kick x10/x20
    • L LBC x30/x50
    • M Merkins x10, followed by 5 merkins with 2.0 on back of dad
    • N Nickels – 5 Squats, 5 Side Straddle Hops, 5 Merkins, 5 Mountain Climbers, 5 Burpees
    • O One leg jump x10 each leg
    • P Plank, while partner jumps over legs x10 then switch
    • Q Quick feet to 20 count
    • R Run 1 lap
    • S Situps with partner x15
    • T Toe touch x10 each leg
    • U Up/down x20
    • V V-ups x10/x20
    • W Wheelbarrow to tree and back
    • X X-crunch x20
    • Y Yoga stretch
    • Z Zombie crawl to tree


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