Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 10/09/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Froman

Harroun Park


ruck, Sylvania

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  1. Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb
    Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb says:

    Q: Bluto
    Pax: Sideshow, Wake, 567, Mr. Belding, Splinter, Brita, Trinity, Brute, Tidwell, Minnie, Colonel, Cousteau, Froman, Cornelius, Klinger, Scrooge, Billy Bob, Beaker, Scrum, Mickey, Mailman, Tom “Leak” Gallagher(FNG), Honeymoon, Bluto

    The Thang: “Rucking in the Dark” turned more into “The Bridge to Nowhere.” YHC had grand plans to use the new Harroun trail for this ruck. YHC called the city of Sylvania and was assured that the bridge was completed so I assumed we were good to go. We lined everyone up with columns of 2 where we began to hand out the coupons. We had the flag, 3 30lb cinderblocks, 1 50lb sandbag, one 40lb sandbag and a 20lb sandbag. We headed off down Main street and proceeded to the trail behind root learning. I tried to have everyone change out coupons every quarter mile but we may have changed faster as more and more pax started complaining. We stayed on the path along 10 mile creek and then crossed over Harroun to the new trail. We took the new trail down around Flower Hospital and it began getting quite clear that the path may not be complete. Construction debris was everywhere but we continued on till we got to the end of the bridge and the only way forward would have been to traverse through ankle deep mud and try to make our way back up the embankment. YHC called an audible and we turned around. We then proceeded to the walking path behind Flower hospital and took that back to Harroun where we swung a left on Harroun and then went down Brint to Main street where we finished up back at Harroun park. We only lost one pax(Honeymoon) as he had some bowel issues and had to abandon us.

    NOR, COT, The “6”-Strong words by Brita about being there for our families and working to relate to our kids. Respect for bringing that up.
    Announcements- F3 Family Ruck on the 27th
    Prayer intensions

    Thank you for the opportunity to lead today. The bitching & complaining was at a high level and it felt like old times. Thanks to all the HIM that made it out.


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