Levis Commons

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Date(s) - 11/19/2018
5:45 pm - 6:30 pm

The Q:

Levis Commons


boot camp, Perrysburg

Workouts are in the field at the corner of Chappel and S. Wilkinson Way. The field is behind the Holiday Inn Express and the Flying Joe at Levis Commons.

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    Anonymous says:

    Beat down was moved to new AO, Clock Tower at Levis Commons. This appears to be a nice location with plenty of potential. Nice grass area for PT, many options for run circuits and structures that can be incorporated for exercises like steps and benches. Additionally it is acroos the entrance of a hotel and a stones throw away from another. Possibility for guests to join as we mature the site.

    Q = Tupac
    PAX Huckelberry and Thai Guy.

    The Thang
    warmed up:
    40 four count side straddle hops,
    30 windmills.

    The Beatdown
    To honor Thai Guy’s curiosity expressed last Saturday about Sally Up, Q felt it appropriate to begin workout with Sally Up
    30 triceps dips
    30 reverse crunches
    30 bicycle crunches
    30 absolutions
    30 side lunges
    30 backward lunges
    2 minute plank which was considerably longer because we are poor counters and had to count to one hundred twenty using the “one thousand one hundred and ten, one thousand one hundred and eleven etc)
    30 burpies
    20 Lt Dans
    40 Big Boy situps
    20 box jumps

    We ended with announcements of Thursday am beatdown being moved to 5:15 to allow to finish at 6:00. This helps Pburg PAX get to Sylvania for the Turkey bowl, where we have been challenged to a North vs South event. Other announcement was discussion of changing day to Tuesday and time to 6:00 or 6:30 for evening workout and incorporating a 2nd F of a beer or coffee. Prayed for peace within families and safety for holiday travels. Prayed for those affected by fires out west and in particular Huckleberry’s in-laws. Also prayed for Houdini’s wife going through chemo and radiation treatment


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