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Date(s) - 01/13/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Mr. Belding and Hacksaw

Northview High School



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  1. Mr. Belding
    Mr. Belding says:

    Totally belated BB. Apologies to all.

    The Pax:-Kitty, Klinger, Splinter, Pixar, Poodle, Dollywood, Froman, Honeymoon, Colonel, Belding and El Chapo

    The Thang
    3’s and 10’s

    Everything was done in multiples of 3’s and 10’s

    Iteration 1
    Run the big lap around NHS (.4 miles) with your partner. When one partner was running the lap, the other was doing SSH, Merkins, Air Squats and Imperial Walkers. 10 reps each and repeato until the partner returned. This was done for three laps.

    Iteration 2
    Partners attacked the hill with coupons. At the top of the hill, one partner did the same calisthenics (SSH, Merkins, Air Squats and Imperial Walkers for 10 reps each and repeato until the partner returned). The other partner grabbed a coupon and went up an down the hill. Each partner did three trips up and down the hill.

    Iteration 3
    Partners moved over to the wildcat statue. One partner backpedaled to the flag pole and sprinted back to the cat while the other did the four exercises. Three laps and then a mosey to the flag.

    COT and BOM


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