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Date(s) - 02/03/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Mr. Belding and Hacksaw

Northview High School



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    Anonymous says:

    QIC: Hustle

    8 pax posted for ‘A Rucksack Workout’: Wake, Sideshow, Balco, Mercy, Bluto, Mr. Belding, El Chapo, Hustle. Some guys came from a pre-ruck and I’m sure wanted nothing more to do with their rucksacks but showed up anyway.

    We warmed up, doing a seamless transition from SSH, to Merkins, to American Hammers, all in cadence.

    Da Thang: 4 cones set up at the top of Mt. Doom about 25 yards apart. We partnered up and each group started at each of the cones. Cone 1- squat thrusters using the rucksuck; cone 2- AMRAP of merkins with the rucksack on then remove once you lost form and finish the set; cone 3- ‘sack swings’ (i.e. kettle ball swings using the rucksack); cone 4- partners stand back-to-back and rotate 180 degrees, passing the rucksack. After each set, we ran to the bottom of Mt. Doom and did SSH doing the same number of reps that was just performed at the cone, leaving the rucksack at the top then running back up. Set 1 was 30 reps at each cone of each exercise, then 25, then 20 (the hope was to do 15, 10, and finish with 5, but YHC wanted to do something else). We had to hold the rucksacks overhead to go to the next cone.

    After we all finished set 3 of 20 reps, we circled up. I think some were hoping that this was the COT but YHC had more in store with plenty of time for more exercises. We used our rucksacks and did American Hammers in cadence, stood up after each rep and hopped over the sack, sat back down, until we got to 10.

    We then stood up, held the rucksacks in a bicep curl position. Wake started us off, and would lower the rucksack down and curled back up. This was done around the circle until we finished 10 reps, holding the rucksack in curl position until your turn was to lower it. A similar thing done next with rucksack overhead presses, holding the rucksack above, then lowered it once the guy before you lowered it, until we did 5 reps. Finally, we did static flutter kicks, with the rucksuck held above. But we started with 1 flutter kick, then all the way around the circle, then 2, etc. until we got to 5.

    ‘Learn about the 6’: it was Mr. Belding’s turn, and I think he said might have been his 4th time doing this (maybe he’s starting to do this on purpose??). He was EH’d by Colonel and was one of the first guys to show up at the first beatdown. He let us know what F3 meant to him to which we responded with an ‘AYE!’

    The COT finally arrived with prayer intentions for one of El Chapo’s friend with stage 4 breast cancer and her family. YHC ended with ‘The ball of man’.

    I appreciate being able to lead you guys, a privilege for sure, and never taking it for granted. Thanks again for the opportunity!


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