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Date(s) - 06/16/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Mr. Belding and Hacksaw

Northview High School



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  1. Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb
    Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb says:

    The Q: Bluto

    Pax: Hedgehog, Jeter, FNG Sherman, Jordache, Trapeze, Cooter, Scrooge, Valdez, Balco, Hustle, Mercy, Brute, Gepetto, Colonel, Wake, Bluto

    The Thang: Elena was scheduled to have this Q but had to back out due to some family commitments. YHC had originally planned on having 6-8 post for this beat down but we ended up with 16 highly motivated and highly dedicated pax. The only issue is that most of them did not bring any weights with them! Hedgehog & Wake were able to pick up 3 truck tires from the fire station so we were good to go!

    Everyone partnered up and we split into 8 stations. One person does the assigned workout while the other person farmer carries weights, sandbags, slam ball or cinder blocks. Weights ranged from 15 to 55 so each station was different.

    Station 1: Jump Rope

    Station 2: Squats

    Station 3: Curls with cinderblock

    Station 4: Flutter Kicks

    Station 6: Merkins

    Station 7: Tire flips

    Station 8 Tire flips

    A half hour in we switched into 3 groups of 5(one group of 6). YHC had originally planned to have us tire flips down the hill to the creek and back up but due to some lighting in the area we had to pull an audible. We instead flipped the tires across the parking lot so we could store them in the woods. We ended up ending about 15 minutes early due to the lightning. Gotta be safe!



    Know your 6: Cooter was back and took the time to thank the pax for their support for his family while they deal with the aftermath from the house fire. He said that the guys in F3 have been more than family and he appreciates the outpouring of support, money, clothes and gift cards.

    Name the FNG: Tom “Sherman” Adkins was head locked by Jeter. He spent 15 years in the Army as a tanker. Thus his nickname “Sherman.”

    Prayer intentions were thrown out and YHC ended with a closing prayer. We then decided to all head over to Executive Diner early for some 2nd F. It was a good time enjoyed by all. Thanks to all the men who showed up and got better!


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