Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 12/18/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Vince Pixar Palko
    Vince Pixar Palko says:

    Rocky IV and so much more on (Faith Hill)

    A balmy morning of 38 degrees to start the last week before Christmas. We replaced, “Aye” with “Yo Adrianne” for one morning. Strong showing of 36 PAX appeared out of nowhere:
    Mater, Mr Belding, Worm, Jimmy Dean, Scrooge, Rose, Poodle, Klinger, Mayor, Colonel, Splinter, Animal, Yorkie, Honeymoon, Brita, Bluto, El Chapo, Dirty, Sideshow, Mickey, Froman, Dauber, Trinity, Sipe, Cogsworth, Glitch, Gadget, Model, Android, Gap, Rhianna, Hedgehog, Pixar, Wake, Sunshine

    Welcome 1 FNG: Tyler Bellman, now “Costanza “
    The thang:
    Warm up –
    – linebacker shuffle and weave around pax (Q needs to be more clear next time when intro-ing something new)
    – Side straddle hops
    – Merkins

    15 mins – Long sprints sideways up a glistening Faith Hill. At the top do exercise below. Then repeato to the next drill.
    1- 20 Merkins
    2-15 burpees
    3-30 air squats hands over head
    4-30 imperial walkers

    Team up “Partner sled pulls/pushes” 50 yards – one man drag partner on sled, then at the 50 yard mark switch and come back. Others watching air squat. Repeato 3x

    – Sprint up hill – backward bear crawl down x1

    Mosey to tree and back – when I blow the whistle (5 burpees) did this x4
    Did you vote Browns or Ravens?

    Tug of war – Broke up into two groups.
    Those waiting did mountain climbers and air squats

    Six Minutes of Mary:
    Scissor kicks, Sean Ts, LBCs, bicycles, Superman (and sonic speed)

    Sprint to top of hill. One more whistle (5burpees)

    COT – prayer intentions
    – Continue to watch over the Delverne Family – Colt, who is battling cancer for a second round. Dauber is raising money for the family. If you want to donate, please see GroupMe.
    – Pray for those in need this holiday season
    – Inspired Chapo will raise funds for a family in need
    Wrapped it up w ball of man and prayer. Great to lead this group of men. My one goal for this morning was to infuse the workout with a little bit of play. Hope I accomplished that. Thanks for the honor to Q and be apart of the spark to kickoff the week.

    – Pixar

  2. Chris Bosinger
    Chris Bosinger says:

    I had a lot of fun and got a solid beatdown . Pixar keep trying new adventurous things to help invigorate this PAX. You add that much needed element to the PAX.

  3. Vince Pixar Palko
    Vince Pixar Palko says:

    Enjoy Summer Weather In Dec – Ruck 8pm

    A warm and windy night (Mickey couldn’t feel the wind thanks to his knit cap)
    PAX: Pixar, Brita and Mickey – no FNGs
    The thang: Rucked 4.18 miles
    Did an interview on Rucking for a podcast idea I have.
    COT: Prayed for all of us during the holidays. Prayed for the DelVernes and the troops and to keep the fire inside burning.


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