Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 01/15/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Froman
    Froman says:

    Fro’s Sausage Party

    AO: Faith Hill

    QIC: Froman

    Conditions: 15 degrees and snowing

    PAX: Ozzie, Scrooge, Jimmy Dean, Trapeze, Trinity, Dauber, Cogsworth, Mr. Belding, Splinter, Dollywood, Poodle, Rihanna, Android, Ticket, Sideshow, Mailman, Froman

    The Thang: 17 PAX once again chose to do the harder thing and start their week in the cold gloom.\

    Principles and Disclaimer were announced as the PAX loosed up with Little Baby Arm Circles and Michael Phelps. With administrative out of the way, Happy hour was in full swing with 25 SSH and Mountain Climbers (both IC).

    The PAX did a quick COR and split into teams of 3 (and 4) for some Formula 3 (F3) Racing.
    – One team member is the driver, while the rest of the team is the pit crew.
    – Driver chooses the exercise for his Pit Crew to perform AMRAP while the driver runs a lap of the hill (East tree to bridge to river tree to
    top of hill)
    – When Driver returns, one of the PIt Crew becomes the Driver and chooses the next exercise
    – Repeato until all 3 have been a driver

    Circle back up in the parking lot for Deconstructed Burpees
    – Burpees broken down into their main components: Air Squats, Leg Thrusters, Merkins, Leg Thrusters, Return to Upright
    -YHC started out calling the cadence for the first round of 10 each component
    -Rotated through the PAX for 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of each component
    – YHC finished up calling cadence for 10 of each component

    Four Corner Elevators
    -Mosey to the east tree for 10 Merkins IC
    -Repeato, as Belding was fetching warmer gloves
    -Mosey to bridge for 10 Merkins IC, 15 four count Mountain Climbers IC
    -Mosey to river tree for 10 Merkins IC, 15 four count Mountain Climbers IC, 20 four count SSH IC
    -Mosey to top of hill for 10 Merkins IC, 15 four count Mountain Climbers IC, 20 four count SSH IC, 25 four count Flutter Kicks

    Circle up for Guantanamo w/ legs outside the circle

    PAX rolled over for the much requested Sausage Party Pickle Pounders x 25 IC

    Closed it out with 25 Plank Up-Downs IC

    Name-o-Rama was up first before YHC’s phone died
    Count-o-rama with 17 PAX

    Cogsworth was a worthy 6, with strong words about how he had listed the things he needed in his life well before finding F3. Months later, he found that F3 checked off each of those missing items.

    We closed out with a BOM and prayers for those intentions mentioned and not mentioned. Special (to me) words about the satisfaction of seeing someone that you EH’d progress through F3 and witnessing them become a better man before your eyes.

    Thanks again for the honor.


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