Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 03/05/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Pixar
    Pixar says:

    Tenacious Towel Time – Pixar Q

    31 PAX in attendance:
    Bluto, Froman, Splinter, Jimmy dean, Trinity, Hustle, Sideshow, Ozzie, Ollie, Rose, Oral-B, Kitty, The Mickey, Dauber, Mayor, Poodle, Klinger ,El Chapo, Colonel, Modell, Hedgehog, Stamper, Glitch, Cogsworth, Mater, Scrooge, Mailman, Wake, Sipe, Mr Belding, and Pixar

    The thang
    Warm up – shoulders
    Hop…”get fired up.” Belding said, “Meh!”
    – Crawl bear down
    – Calling on the ghost of Lombardi 3-4 updowns while chatting and feet chopping. Mayor was still in bed and need a kick in the ace to get chopping
    – Bear crawl back up

    Instructions on 6 circuits:
    1. Holding towel above our heads whole time in between sets and up hill
    2. Towel is always tight (otherwise you won’t get anything out of it)
    3. Go through workout once. Then flip card over for other side. (Illustrated images in case cavemen forgot the drill)

    6 circuits:
    20 Squats (back)
    20 Merkins
    20 plank jacks
    15 burpees (no towel)
    20 Klingers
    20 Dead lift and press

    Flip the card over for second set
    2nd round
    20 Squats (front)
    20 Pike Merkins
    20 Plank Jacks
    20 Mountain climbers
    20 V-ups
    20 Dead lift and press

    Break up into two groups:
    1st group (partners resisting w towel) 15 each
    – Biceps
    – Triceps
    – Upright row
    2nd group (w towel) 15 each
    – Pull downs
    – Bent rows
    – Military press
    2 sets

    Get to kno the 6 – Scrooge

    COT –

    – Forgiveness for Mickey
    – Uncle Jim Dauber
    – Wake’s co-worker
    – Rose – Sister in law
    – Hedgehog – co-worked found dead in bed
    – Safety
    – Troops

    Always a pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen into the chilly gloom. Happy to introduce a new way to exercise, met w some resistance. Although the towel generated lots of locker room banter and jokes like “do I wear anything else besides the towel” or “should I wear shower shoes”, the PAX kicked butt and smoked the circuits. Never ceases to amaze me the fitness level of our group of warriors. Thanks for an awesome March morning. Oh, and always good to get one step closer to the BS Winter Challenge Patch w the Q. Heeee


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