Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 04/02/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Joe LeBlanc
    Joe LeBlanc says:

    Q: Splinter
    Pax: Sideshow, Modell, Jimmy Dean, Hustle, Poodle, Kitty, Mater, Colonel, Mickey, Hedgehog, Scrooge, Elena, Ticket, Sipe, Cogsworth, Splinter

    Monday morning greeted us with chilly temperatures but clear skies. We were celebrating a new chapter for F3 as the Black Swamp had finished up over the weekend. The theme was starting fresh and enjoying the clean slate of a new week and the upcoming warmth (cough) of Spring.

    YHC was expecting a crew of 25 PAX however there were an unprecedented amount of last minute de-commits bringing us to a sweet 16. Started with the 5 core principles and we warmed up with the following:

    25 SSH IC – reeeecover
    20 Windmills IC
    20 Herkins IC (Hand release merkins)

    After the stationary warm-up we continued to warm-up with a quick mosey around the school and we came across Hustle gearing up out of the trunk of his car. We quickly EH’d him and he joined us on the mosey. We stopped short of a full school lap by the tennis courts for some partner work.

    The Thang:
    Partnered up:

    Partner 1 in bleachers / on benches:
    -15 Incline Merkins
    -15 Leg Lifts
    -15 Decline Merkins
    -8 Bulgarian Squats each leg
    -20 Dips

    Parnter 2 in grassy knoll starting at cones:
    -Run forward to light pole and back
    -Run backwards to light pole and back
    -Side shuffle to light pole and back
    -High Knees / butt kicks to light pole and back
    -Repeato until Partner 1 finshes circuit

    We did about 3 rounds of this roughly (15 minutes) and then we proceeded to the base of Faith Hill

    The PAX gave YHC some grief for the amount of cones that were setup to help with traffic control,,,as mentioned…more PAX were anticipated :).

    Hill Work:

    The rows of cones split Faith Hill into 1/4’s.
    -Start at the bottom and run forward to cone number 1, turn around and backpedal from cone 2 to cone 3, bearcrawl from cone 3 to cone 4, and crawl bear from cone 4 to the curb.

    We did 2 rounds of this and then 1 recovery hill run.
    We did 2 more rounds and then 1 recovery hill run.

    Then we did 1 hill run 1/2 way up forward, backpedal the rest of the way.
    Then we did 1 bearcrawl forward, and reverse bearcrawl halfway up.

    1 final recovery bear crawl to finish.

    Prayer intentions for those struggling with addiction, for the troops, those battling cancer, and those recently who have passed.

    Emphasis was placed on starting fresh and taking the drive that got us to the morning workout and applying it to other aspects of our life that day. Work, family, and Friends. Today is a new day and its time to get after it. Always a privilege and honor to lead this fine group of men. Thanks for the opportunity.



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