Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 04/09/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Da QIC: Hustle

    Da Pax: 19 men and their trusty rucksacks- Scrooge, Cogsworth, Mayor, Gadget, Elena, Trinity, Wiggum, Dauber, Sideshow, Cousteau, Worm, Colonel, Sunshine, Jimmy Dean, Mailman, Kitty, Froman, Wake, Hustle

    Core principles were addresses in usual fashion.

    Warmup, all in cadence- SSH without the rucksack x 25; then progressed to squat thrusters using the rucksack x 20; standing American Hammers, holding the rucksack in front x 15; front squats with the rucksack being held in front x 10; Merkins with rucksack on the back x 5

    Da thang: Each member of the pax was told to have 30 lbs in the rucksack, either a single plate of 30 lbs or 3 separate 10 lb plates, rocks, bricks, etc. Two cones, separating the hill into 3rds, were spaced out on Faith Hill. We started at the bottom and bear crawled to the first cone. We walked to the 2nd cone where ‘plank arounds’ were done (in plank position, would ‘walk’ 180 degrees and face down the hill, then ‘ plank walk’ facing up the hill. We all started with 5 of these in set 1 (one, 180 degree turn was 1 rep). We removed the rucksacks and carried them overhead to the top of the hill. We then did bicep curls to overhead raises x 10 reps then jogged back to the bottom of the hill. Those with single 10 lb plates removed 1 plate after set 1, which continued until no plates were in the rucksack for set 4. Since not everyone had 3 separate plates, the reps had to be modified. For sets 2,3, and 4 for those with a single 30 lb plate, the plank arounds equaled 2 followed by 5 Merkins, for sets 2,3, and 4. At the top, these pax continued with 3 more sets of 10 reps of curls to overhead raises. For those who had 3 separate plates and could remove 1 plate after each set at the top, the plank arounds were 5, with 5 merkins in set 2; 5 plank arounds and 10 merkins in set 3; and then 5 plank arounds and 15 merkins in set 4.

    We then took a much needed seat against the school, with the rucksacks in front, and did an Indian style wall sit until the last member got to the end. Wiggum had to modify as he was wearing an air tank from his truck, not getting the message about the rucksacks. He killed it still!

    We circled up, but not for the COT, as we had plenty of time for more exercises with the rucksack.
    First: static bicep curls holding the rucksack. Each rep counted as one person would lower it then curl up again, followed by the guy next to him, etc. and going all the way around until the last guy, doing 2 sets total
    Second: same idea as the static bicep curl, but in an overhead raise move. Hold the rucksack overhead, lower it to your head as a rep, the raise it back up, until all the pax completed, x 2 sets.
    Third: on your 6, performing American Hammers using the rucksack, in cadence, x 10. But after each rep, we stood up and hooped over the rucksack, and kept doing this until the last rep.
    Fourth: sack swings x 20 (like a kettle ball swing but with rucksacks) x 20
    Last: the ol’ flutter kicks with the rucksacks held overhead x 20, of course in cadence

    We learned about ‘the 6’ who was Gadget this time. I chose Scrooge to be the first guy even though I know he loves being ‘the 6’. Gadget was EH’d by Mayor and was forthcoming on what F3 means to him. Aye!

    Prayer intentions: the junior hockey team and those who were killed in a recent bus accident; Elena’s best friend who has renal failure; Moana’s new baby (CONGRATS!); for the troops (ALWAYS); for younger pax members to show up and show out (we don;t bite, we swear!)

    I feel humbled and privileged to lead a great group of guys! As always, I look forward to leading again. Thank you men.

    (rucksack mentioned 20 times in this if I counted correctly)……………………………………………rucksack


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