Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 04/23/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb
    Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb says:

    QIC: Bluto
    Location: Faith Hill. There was no running group today as all the runners must have ran in the Glass City Marathon over the weekend.
    Pax: Wake, Norwood, Mickey, Sideshow, Mailman, Glitch, Wiggum, Matt “The Mole” Aston-FNG, Mater, Gap, Hedgehog, Gadget, Mayor, Trinity, Scrooge, Poodle, Modell, Worm, Jimmy Dean, Froman, Cousteu and Bluto
    Core principles: they were addressed to the pax and then we got busy preparing for our Grow Ruck week “casual” beatdown
    The Thang: 4 stations were setup around the parking lot. The first station was wall merkins. The second station was squats. The third station was klinger kicks and the fourth station was big boy situps. The 22 pax were split up and each group partnered up with someone they didn’t normally partner with. Bluto planted the shovel flag at the bottom of the hill. The plan was for one person to do the exercise while the other person runs down the hill, around ol’e glory and back up the hill. Once he gets back to his partner they switch. After they each did the exercise they moved on to the next station. We did this for ½ hour and each of the pax got at least 12 trips up and down the hill.
    Counterama: 22 strong and dedicated Pax(We had 29 HC and two showed up that didn’t HC). Where did the other guys go?
    Know the 6: Wake started posting in June of 2017 and has been a strong, HIM ever since the first day he posted. He got the nickname “Wake” because of his love for wakeboarding.
    FNG indoctrination: Matt Aston was the FNG. He is Scrooge & Mailman’s boss but was somehow HC’d by Hedgehog. Interesting. We gave him the nickname “The mole” because he owns a company that penetrates the ground(GPRS). The mole killed it on his first beatdown. Welcome aboard “The Mole!”
    Prayer intentions: Hedgehog’s friend’s dad, healing for Mailman’s Grandma, the GrowRuck this weekend, The Troops(Always).
    It was an honor to lead everyone this morning. Thanks for coming out. Special shout out to the 9 PAX who fartsacked. You were missed.


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