Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 05/07/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Woodstock
    Woodstock says:

    Monday 5/7/18 Faith Hill Back Blast
    5 minutes of Glory
    32(!) PAX, including 1 FNG: Bluto, Pixar, Colonel, Hedgehog, Hacksaw, Trinity, Jimmy Dean, Mickey, Froman, Belding, Sipe, Spider Monkey, Gadget, Dollywood, Poodle, Dauber, Modell, Glitch, Mole, Jeter, Ollie, Brute, Mailman, Trapeze, Splinter, Cousteaux, Mayor, Ozzie, Mater, Kitty, Woodstock, FNG Darko
    Began with 3 F’s, Mission, and Principles. Covered Disclaimer.
    8 or 9 PAX including YHC did a pre-run as well, which most definitely got us going for the beatdown. Thanks for the warm-up!

    The Thang:
    The goal of this workout was to push a mix of strength and endurance using constant movement and variations, with a focus on core (thigh to just below the chest), shoulders, and chest. When muscle fatigue was reached a quick transition to another muscle group or position was used. There was no built in rest or recovery, but as always PAX were encouraged to modify as needed. Strength movements were grouped into 5 exercises done constantly for 5 minutes using either cadence, timed OYO, or PAX counting around the circle followed immediately by a 2 minute run to a different area.
    The first 5 minutes was designed to be a warmup for the main muscle groups being torched; exercises included:
    1) High knees for 1 minute OYO
    2) SSH in cadence
    3) Thrusters (original Royal H Burpee) in cadence
    4) LBC’s
    5) Air Presses
    2 minute run
    Group 2:
    1) Merkins in cadence
    2) Flutter kicks in cadence
    3) Squats
    4) Imperial walkers in cadence
    5) Lt Dan’s (time ran out)
    2 minute run
    Group 3:
    1) Lt Dan’s OYO
    2) LBC’s OYO
    3) Wide squats OYO
    4) Merkins in Cadence
    5) Planks (count around 2x)
    2 minute run
    1) Burpies in cadence
    2) Planks – high – one count around circle
    3) Plank – right – one count around circle
    4) Plank – left – one count around circle
    5) Plank – low – one count around circle
    6) Had time, so SLOW cadence burpies
    2 minute run
    1) Wide Merkins in cadence (sbt*)
    2) LBC’s in cadence
    3) Narrow / military merkins in cadence
    4) Dolly’s in cadence
    5) Regular merkins – in cadence
    32 PAX is a lot of men to lead through a beatdown; everyone pushed themselves hard and I make no apologies for the stutter counts. Being Q gives you superpowers during a beatdown – I encourage you to try it sometime if you haven’t, and get back to it if it has been awhile.
    *SBT = saved by truck. Someone was REALLY needing to get to a parking space and disrupted the circle, cutting into the last 5 minute time and cutting the # of reps down. Used in context – PAX was #SBT from failing to complete high rep end of beatdown exercises. 😉


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