Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 07/02/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Scrooge
    Scrooge says:

    Ascending Faith Hill
    PAX: Mayor, Box, Cyclone, Dollywood, Bluto, Elena, 567, Motorboat, Bullock, Commedus, Honeymoon, Mailman, Worm, Brita, Hedgehog, Wake, Mater, Scrooge

    Started 1 minute late due to Bluto rolling in at 5:30 which would typically be Colonel but he was at Buddy Bench so Bluto filled in. A quick warm up jog to the bottom of Faith Hill for some instruction.
    Partner up for
    DORA 123 100 Big Boy Situps, 200 Merkins, 300 Air Squats completed as a team of 2 while partner runs up the hill and does an ascending gentleman against Northview.

    After that YHC was excited to see the practice field lines painted at Faith Hill and decided to use them to the AO’s advantage and do 10 yards of Frog Jumps and 10 yards of Bear crawls alternating down the field until the end and do 5 burpees. Repeato and shave 1 rep from the burpees. Sadly we ran out of time and YHC called the workout at 6:10 promptly to mosey up the hill and finish in COT.

    Bluto was blessed with being the 6 today and shared about his recent weight loss and what F3 means to him. Way to go Bluto!
    YHC finished with a quick prayer to the SkyQ and was thankful for opportunity to lead!


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