Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 07/09/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    7/9/18 – Red Flag Day @ Faith Hill
    QIC: OZ
    PAX (25): Billy Bob, Bluto, Mailman, Splinter, Glitch, Trinity, Froman, Hoff, Pixar, Bullock, Ollie, Poodle, Mole, Rose, DC, Colonel, Box, Jeter, Hedgehog, Commodus, Mayor, Scrooge, Worm, Daisy (FNG), Oz

    Red Flag day beatdown inspired by the legendary wrestler / coach, Dan Gable. Constant movement for 45 minutes with continuous air squat during any break in action.

    Course was set-up with four cones:
    1) Tree on Silica Rd.
    2) Parking Lot along Monroe St.
    3) Far end of the football field at bottom of hill
    4) Northview Parking Lot (home base)

    Round 1:
    Pax would begin round one starting at home base. Run around perimeter of the school stopping at each of the four cones. Each cone would consist of 10 merkins before hustling to the next cone. Once the Pax returned to home base and completed the exercise, they would return to finish the course with the “6”.

    Round 2:
    Pax would mosey to the bottom of Faith Hill for a series suicides up the hill. The hill was marked with 4 cones. The Pax would run uphill to each cone and back down to the starting point. Round 2 would consist of three rounds of suicides.

    Round 3:
    Repeato of round 1 but replacing merkins with Klinger Kicks

    Round 4: Pax Choice
    The Pax was given the choice of another series of 3 rounds of Faith Hill suicides or a trip around the school including burpees. The Pax split as each was given the decision to choose either or.

    COT included Trinity as the “6” along with prayer intentions.

    Great honor to lead 25 HIM this morning.



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